Further Network – Changing Transactions In Travel Ecosystem With Blockchain

Further Network – Changing Transactions In Travel Ecosystem With Blockchain

Further Network is a blockchain platform that brings together travel companies and their clients to an ecosystem of trust and convenience. The main benefit of the blockchain will be to offer payment and settlement solutions at an all-in-one network.

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Token: Aton
Platform: Stellar
Price of token: $0.02
Currency Acceptance: XLM, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, USD
Minimum Pre-Sale Contribution: $ 1,000
Minimum ICO Contribution: $50
Maximum Pre -Sale and ICO Contribution: $ 250,000
Total Tokens: 7,000,000,000
Tokens for Sale: 4,200,000,000 (60%)
Pre-Sale Soft Target: $1,000,000
Pre-Sale Hard Cap: $5,000,000
ICO Collection Target: $12,500,000
Token Private Sale Days: May 2018 – 4th August 2018 (Complete)
Token Pre-Sale Days: 5th August 2018 – Q4 2018 (Complete)
ICO Days Sale: Q4 2018 (Ongoing)

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In 2017, Travel and tourism were projected to generate over $7 trillion in revenues. This is similar to the economy of Germany and France combined and therefore an important sector of the global economy.

As other sectors continue to unveil technological solutions to streamline operations, raise revenues and boost customer satisfaction, the travel and related services have largely lagged behind. The major technologies that were dubbed as a breakthrough in their heydays are no longer the cutting-edge technologies following years of stagnant improvement and ever-rising demand.

Additionally, the payment and settlement platforms are often not offered on the on-platform website where the bookings, e-ticket, and other functions occur. This can be confusing and lead to time wastage and frustration.

The New Further Network Solution

The Further blockchain will start by offering air travel services. This is because they are far-reaching and costlier. Further, air travel is often used simultaneously with the hospitality services and therefore the cornerstone of the $7 trillion travel and tourism industry.

In this regard, the blockchain will provide services such as:
• Billing and settlement
• Customized airline ticketing
• Payment for travel
• An exchange market for tickets and reservations
• Ticket reservations
• Hotel reservations, etc.

All the services will be provided within the Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem (STR).

The STR is powered by the Hyperledger Fabric. Additionally, the Further Network Blockchain is provided by IBM, a leading provider of blockchain platforms and cloud computing.

This is a smart system that consists of the up-to-date data that relates to flights, hotel reservations, and any other travel product such as travel insurance. The STR will be instrumental to tour providers, hoteliers, airlines and other service providers such as airport parking services, airport taxi, etc. that passengers rely on for successful journeys. The STR will enable trusted interactions between the peers to facilitate interactions that involve the solutions mentioned above.

The Further Network will partner with important players such as the Hotel Wholesalers (HW), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), the International Air transport Association (IATA), and other relevant providers of the key services. With their consents, the parties can be brought under one roof where all their clients can benefit through convenient access to their company of preference.

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The Further Network is a blockchain that intends to revolutionize the travel industry. It intends to use the Smart Contract Ecosystem to manage the interaction between the HW, GDS, and IATA on one hand and their clients on the other.

September 17, 2018

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