Hong Kong Attracting Blockchain Specialists

Hong Kong Attracting Blockchain Specialists

Hong Kong is seeking to attract job seekers from all over the globe who are skilled in Blockchain technology among other professions. This is through the nation’s distinctive immigration policy that is aimed towards attracting experts to the country.

Incentives For Qualified Individuals

The Hong Kong government has revealed a unique list of talents it’s looking to attract to the nation on Tuesday this week. The list contains eleven different professions deemed to be the most important talent requirements needed to boost the economic development of the nation. Among the eleven technology and innovation professions contained in the list include Blockchain technology, robotics, biometric, (AI) artificial intelligence, chemical, and industrial engineering.

The Hong Kong government is looking to incentivize the migration of what it terms quality people by facilitating their moving tote country through its Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS).

Matthew Cheung Kin-Chung, the HRPC’s (Human Resource Planning Commission) chairman has said that Hong Kong is aiming to attract the most qualified individuals possessing the relevant knowledge, skills, and experience from across the globe. He added that the nation is looking to tap into the talents of the said individuals while at the same time offering them the opportunity to further advance their experience and careers.

The Purpose Of QMAS

QMAS was first established in the early months of 2006, February with the main purpose of the scheme being to attract qualified people not only from the mainland China but also from all over the world to get residence in the country.

In its admissions criteria, QMAS enabled qualified individuals to move and settle in Hong Kong without having received any job offers as was the case in order to receive a regular working visa. The schemes settle on who is best suited to be chosen through two types of assessment tests namely the general points test (based on the basic information of the applicant e.g. educational background, age, family background etc.) and the achievement-based test (designed for individuals who have been recognized in their specific fields.

All individuals above the age of 18 can apply for consideration in the scheme, which has a set limit of a thousand applications each year. The scheme lists its objective as enhancing the economic competitiveness of the nation of Hong Kong.

Criteria For Selection

All individuals looking to apply for this opportunity are expected to be assessed under any of the two assessment methods i.e. General Points or the Achievement-Based Points test. The government has added that individuals who are particularly skilled in Blockchain technology will be given extra points in the General Points Test.

Applicants are also expected to provide proof of being financially independent and possess at least a first degree. For those limited in educational qualifications, special considerations will be extended upon proof of technical abilities and qualifications.

The statement goes on to further reiterate that it is not mandatory for applicants to have received any job offers to be eligible for the opportunity clearly distinguishing itself from the normal work visa which requires one to have a job offer.

August 30, 2018

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