IAT ICO Review

IAT ICO Review

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The Instant Assets Tokens (IAT) is a project that will use Blockchain technology to disrupt the real estate sector. The project will run on IAT Platform and eliminate common challenges in the current real estate industry such as high transaction costs, time, and lack of transparency among others. IAT will play a major role in maximizing benefits and reducing losses that players in the industry experience.

IAT Token Allocation


Symbol: IA Tokens
Type: ERC20
Price per token: USD 0.01 per token
Total tokens available: 4.5 Billion IA Tokens
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

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IAT Token

The Real Estate Market Today And Why IAT Is Important

Philippine real estate is one of the most lucrative markets in Asia. The market has the highest gross yields for property investment in Asia. Despite the profitability of the sector, the buyers face various challenges and limitations on a daily basis to realize these benefits. However, IAT has emerged with a promise of addressing these challenges and making the sector even more profitable. IAT will enhance the profitability of the sector in the following ways.

The real estate market is associated with inflated costs by important players like the agents, developers, brokers, and government through taxation. Sometimes, the cost of selling or buying a property in the country is increased by as much as 24 percent.

The current real estate market runs on a centralized system. Important records are stored in one central place allows such places to control the sector. However, IAT will use Blockchain technology that supports decentralization. Consequently, no single agent will have control of the sector and there will be no room for changing any details secretly.

The centralized nature of the current real estate market eliminates transparency and gives room for fraud and other malicious activities. It is not rare to find two or more parties laying claim over the same property. IAT will use Blockchain technology to ensure there is transparency. Consequently, cases of fraud and ownership dispute will almost be eliminated.

Ownership transfer under the current real estate system can take even months as the process involves various stages that need verification of documents. The services of a lawyer come in handy in the current system. IAT will use Blockchain to maintain a uniform source of information. This will make it easy for all parties involved to access the information, thereby significantly reducing the time taken to transfer ownership.

IAT In Social Media

IAT is present and active on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. They use social media as a marketing tool to reach more people. Furthermore, social media enables them to respond to any question that prospective investors and customers may have about the project. Social media has enhanced IAT’s interaction with the general public.

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IAT is a project that promises to bring many benefits to the buyers, sellers, and other important players in the real estate sector. Given that the project will change the way real market operate and address the challenges in the current system, the project has high chances of attracting many users once launched.

July 25, 2018

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