IBM Files Patent For Blockchain Based Dbms

IBM Files Patent For Blockchain Based Dbms

The US-based tech giant IBM has, according to a recently released document, applied for a patent based on particular features of the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain-Based Patent Application

According to the document, the patent has been filed for the management of a Database Management System through the use of a Blockchain Database. It states further that the company intends using the patent in building an IDTDS ( Database Tampering Detection System) which would be more accurate as well as more reliable. This proposed system, according to the patent application, will be able to highlight any inconsistencies detected between data stored on a centralized database and the duplicate of the same data found on a decentralized Blockchain database.

The application states that the patent is to cover the system, method and computing program utilized in the DBMS (Database Management System). It states that the DBMS will include a structured central database bearing a particular set of central data as well as a Blockchain database connected to the central database. The application then adds that developed in the Blockchain database will be a set of Blockchain data that will correspond to the central data found in the central database.

In order for one to gain access to the DBMS, they will have to request for access by initiating an access request in the system. The system would then maintain both the Blockchain database and the central database upon granting the access request.


Six Blockchain Based Patents Awarded

Going by records found at the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office), the initial filing of the patent was done late last year, on 22nd December. The body has already facilitated IBM with six different patents based on the distributed ledger network technology this year alone, signifying the tech giant’s growing interest in Blockchain technology.

This patent, which heavily focuses on the development of a database management system relying on the Blockchain technology has not come as a surprise considering how sensitive the data that IBM deals with might be. It is almost expected that the tech giant would take steps towards securing its data, which this patent application effectively covers. The corporation already offers a security solution for various systems including data warehouse, data management, fast data, operational database and data lake in the form of IBM D2. By fortifying existing systems using Blockchain technology, IBM will be able to tackle issues relating to data inconsistencies, security loopholes and hopscotch among other issues.

Race For Blockchain Technology Ownership

IBM has in the past hailed Blockchain technology as an innovation that has fostered the rise of a new generation of transactions characterized by greater trust and accountability as well as transparency, nature of transaction notwithstanding. IBM is involved in a number of projects which have utilized the Blockchain technology including Composer, Caliper, Explorer, Cello, and Fabric (which facilitates the integration of projects through the Blockchain framework).

IBM is seen as being in a race to patent as many aspects of the Blockchain technology as it can, in the race major corporations are in, to become a majority owner of the distributed ledger technology. The corporation has already invested millions of dollars towards this endeavor.

August 14, 2018

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