Joe Montana New Addition To Fan Controlled Football League

Joe Montana New Addition To Fan Controlled Football League

The FCFL (Fan Controlled Football League) has announced that Joe Montana, the legendary NFL quarterback, will be joining the league. Joe Montana will be joining the Crypto driven league as its chief strategist investor as well as an investor.

The Fan Controlled Football League

The FCFL is a sporting league that is based on the Blockchain that gives the fans control over the teams included in the league i.e. fans get to make all the major decisions including the play calls, the teams’ branding, coaches to be engaged, as well as the player drafts. This real-world Blockchain based sporting league has been designed to merge the experience that comes with live and fantasy sports with egames, and video games’, engagement and reach.

The league managed to raise a total of $5.2 million in the ICO (initial coin offering) that was held by Indiegogo. Immediately after the completion of the ICO however, Micro Ventures, IndieGoGo’s broker, decided to pull out of the venture and refund the money that was invested in it once it became public that the regulations may be changing.

Fan Controlled Football League

Real-Time Video Game

Montana has had a flourishing career at the NFL spanning through sixteen years. In this period he has taken part in nine divisional championships and featured in four Super Bowls. His successes have extended outside the football field with him currently being a pioneer in technology and the advisor, slash partner, for Liquid 2 Ventures, which is a venture capital firm.

With the new position as the head of the FCFL, Montana will be the in charge of creating and developing the messaging of the league’s brand. He will also be taking on a significant role in the technical innovations as well as offer general guidance on other areas of the league’s activities such as strategies on fan engagement and front office operations.

In his statements about this partnership, Montana said that he was very excited to be coming on as a partner in the FCFL. He commended the FCFL as having created a platform which will not only innovate but will also engage and energize the modern day football fan as they will be able to employ coaches, make the real-time call of players and draft them as well. He added that this is going to be the future of sports.

A Hero’s Welcome

Montana will be working alongside a team of advisors who are experienced in a wide range of fields from sports to gaming and technology. Among the highly experienced individuals that will be working with MONTANA is Andy Dolich. Dolich has been recently hired by the league as its chief operations officer and has over fifty years’ experience in front office operations in major sporting leagues such as the MLB (major league baseball), NHL (national hockey league), and the NFL (national football league).

When commenting about the new addition to the team, the FCFL CEO Sohrob Farudi said that they were thrilled to have Montana join the league. He added that they would be looking to Montana for leadership and expertise in their quest to develop and launch a platform to cater to digital football fans.

September 28, 2018

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