Johnny Depp Becomes The Latest Celebrity To Get Into Cryptocurrency

Johnny Depp Becomes The Latest Celebrity To Get Into Cryptocurrency

Johnny Depp has joined the growing list of celebrities who are getting into the virtual currencies. According to Hollywood, Depp has entered into an agreement with TaTaTu, a Crypto-related platform. The website provides its users with entertainment.

Changing The Entertainment Sector

Under the current entertainment approach, users have to subscribe to premium services to access some movie and music products. Streaming companies also include advertisements in their products if no subscription is needed. TaTaTu is promising to change this approach by allowing users to earn in tokens when they use their products such as games or movies. Depp and other actors that will choose to work with this platform will get a chance to interact with their fans at a new level.

Internet and new electronics have enhanced the reach and growth of the entertainment sector. However, the actors, musicians, and all those involved in content production only enjoy a few benefits compared what streaming platforms get. The introduction of Crypto-based platforms such as TaTaTu is expected to significantly increase the income of those involved in content production.

Depp and lervolino To Work Together

Depp and lervolino To Work Together

According to Hollywood Reporter, Depp and Andrea lervolino are expected to be involved in this project. lervolino is a renowned entrepreneur, trader, and producer. He also works with Monica Bacardi at AMBI Media Group. lervolino is the person behind the TaTaTu platform and will rely on Infinitum Nihil, a production company he founded to create movies and content to be used in this platform.

This is not the first time that Depp and lervolino have worked together. According to the Hollywood Reporter, are already involved in a movie produced by lervolino and AMBI, his production firm. It has been confirmed they are working in a movie called Waiting for the Barbarians.

lervolino has already expressed his happiness working with Depp. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he hailed his counterpart for his creativity and the fact that he feels unburdened while being involved in projects that are tailored traditionally.

A few months ago, Deadline reported that Depp had lost around $650 million. His involvement in this project will play a critical role in assisting the prominent actor rebound. Over the years, Depp’s talent has been recognized severally. He has won the People’s Choice Awards 10 times and the Golden Global award once. He has also received a nomination for nine Golden Globe awards and three Oscars.

More Celebrities Getting Into The Crypto Sector

As the popularity of Cryptocurrencies is growing every day, so is the number of celebrities embracing and also being involved with the virtual currencies. In February, Steven Seagal became the global ambassador of Crypto-company called Bitcoiin. Earlier in January, Mark Cuban was backing the Unikrm ICO.

Recently, the number of people getting into blockchain and Cryptocurrency is growing every day. The emergence of new and more advanced trading products has enhanced the adoption of virtual currencies. More businesses are now accepting Cryptocurrency payments making it easy for users to find ways to use their coins. The involvement of Depp in the Cryptocurrency sector is great news and may challenge more actors to follow suit.

October 29, 2018

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