Kim Kardashian To Possibly Boost Crypto Adoption

Kim Kardashian To Possibly Boost Crypto Adoption

A cancer and diabetes research and treatment center, the City of Hope, had the first of hopefully many annual “If Only” Texas Charity Poker Tournaments. This is where Kim Kardashian received her first Bitcoin.

The Event To Feature In An Episode Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

In a bid to boost awareness, the tournament’s organizers invited members of one of the most popular celebrity families in America, the Kardashians. Among those in attendance included Kris Jenner, Kendal Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian. The members of the Kardashian and Jenner family, who were filming the whole event, will be releasing an episode on the event to feature in their hit reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” later on in the year.

During the event, Kim Kardashian was given her first Bitcoin by Mathew Roszak, the tech entrepreneur, and digital coin educator. The Keeping Up With the Kardashian episode will not only raise awareness about cancer and diabetes, it also has the potential of further catapulting Bitcoin into the mainstream, boosting its adoption.

The reality star shared the moment she received the Bitcoin with her huge Instagram following, which has 114 million followers. Though it is still not possible to say just what results the episode will have, the mere mentioning of Bitcoin has the potential of increasing Bitcoin’s exposure.

Roszak proposed that the Kardashians tokenize their own economyOther Crypto Proponents In The Kardashian Circle

Kim Kardashian has not been the first among her group of friends or even among her family to associate with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Paris Hilton, who is a childhood friend as well as a fellow socialite, has previously endorsed the LydianCoin for a brief period before the digital coin was shrouded in controversy. Kanye West, Kim’s husband, has also spoken about the digital currency Bitcoin in a past interview teasing his followers with tweets using terms associated with the crypto industry.

With this new acquisition of bitcoin by Kim Kardashian makes her one of the most recognizable individuals to hold Bitcoin and her immense social influence is expected to boost a new wave of crypto adoption. It is now a matter of waiting and seeing, possibly Keeping up With the Kardashians to see just how much this new association will have any effect on Bitcoin.

A Possible Kardashian Coin

Roszak had previously mentioned the Kardashians at TEDx San Francisco, a technology, design, and entertainment conference.

Roszak proposed that the Kardashians tokenize their own economy saying that almost any significant brand, artist, tribe etc could do it.

The tokens he said would act as an incentive to early adopters and would represent the rights of participating in new protocols. He said that it would be a big change for not only the investors but also participants and developers who are looking to reimagine the internet and some of its layers.

This has not been the first attempt to have the Kardashians support cryptocurrency. In 2014 a group calling themselves the Kim Coindashian Developers tried to have the Kardashian endorse cryptocurrency by offering them a business plan.

August 1, 2018

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