Kucoin is a leading Cryptocurrency exchange platform, based in Hong Kong. It is known for offering secure trading, a wide range of Cryptocurrency trading combinations, a distinguished rewards scheme, and its Kucoin Tokens, KCS. Additionally, Kucoin is one of the few exchange platforms that adapt Tokens at their infancy stages while they are still cheap and affordable to a vast majority of investors particularly retail investors. This factor makes Kucoin the best network for Crypto markets new entrants.

Currently, Kucoin has a daily volume of trading that is equivalent to 3,189 BTC which valued at $17,173,425.67. making it one of the largest Cryptocurrency trading networks.

The Establishment Of Kucoin

Kucoin ArchitectureKucoin is relatively young compared to some Cryptocurrency exchanges as it was established in May 2017 and became available for use days later.

The team behind the network are reputable entities such as iBOX PAY, Jianbang Communication, Youling, Ant Financial, and GF Securities.

The team started their Blockchain research way back in 2011 and have thus been able to come up with the revolutionary Kucoin platform as it is known today.

Kucoin Has A State-of-the-art Architecture

The architecture for the platform was finalized in 2013 and the team has been developing other features in the following period up to the launch date in 2017. This means that Kucoin is made with precision and consideration that not only makes it unique but also cutting-edge.

Registration Is Straight Forward

Setting up a Kucoin account is very simple and straightforward. A prospective user needs to only access the main platform via the web and register. There is also an option for downloading a mobile app version of the platform that is designed for support on Android and iOS systems.

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Trading On Kucoin

First and foremost, it is important to note that Kucoin does not support fiat-based transactions. The fiat denomination indices on the main interface represent the basis of representing the value of each Token. For instance, if you select USD, your BTC, ETH or any other Token will be shown in values that are in the form of US Dollars.

Available Tokens include; ZEN, LOC, NUSD, OLT, VET, ZINC, BCD, BTM, STEEM, ONT, NEO, TRX, ADA, LTC, EOS, XRP, ETH, DAG, BCH, BTC, and more than 50 others. The wide range of coins is made possible by a feature that allows new Token developers to list their tokens for trade.

The only shortcoming is that the markets provided are only traded against the BTC or ETH. However, there is also a limited option for BCH, USDT (Tether), NEO or KCS (Kucoin’s native Coin).

Meanwhile, the fees are as follows; 0.1 % for trading, nil for deposit, and low variable fees for withdrawing depending on the Cryptocurrency.

Powerful Trading Tools

The users’ interface on Kucoin is user-friendly and easy to comprehend. Traders can easily monitor the price movements of their optional markets to make optimal investments decisions. All this is possible through the next-generation charting package that is powered by the Trading View networks.

Moreover, Kucoin is available in major languages to suit the needs of diverse traders.


Kucoin Rewards

Holders of KCS earn Kucoin Bonus that rewards traders with discounts of 1% for 1000 KCS and also dividends on Kucoin profits. Secondly, there is a Kucoin referral bonus that awards users who invite new traders into the platform.

Lastly, Kucoin wallets are secured with a 2-factor authentication (2FA). They are also capable of processing deposits and withdrawal transactions instantly.

November 19, 2018

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