A Leading Turkish Real Estate Firm Sells Homes In Cryptocurrency As Opera Launches Crypto Wallet For iOS Users

A Leading Turkish Real Estate Firm Sells Homes In Cryptocurrency As Opera Launches Crypto Wallet For iOS Users

In Turkey, one of the leading real estate companies recently released a report that showed it had sold nine homes in Bitcoin. Antalya Homes started accepting Bitcoin payments last year. Meanwhile, Opera browser has expanded its Cryptocurrency wallet services to iOS devices. The new Opera Touch for iOS users will support interaction with DApps and Ethereum (ETH).

Antalya Homes Sells Nine Properties Using Bitcoin

Antalya Homes has announced that it sold nine properties in 2018 and accepted Bitcoin payments for all of them. This was made possible after the company had earlier announced that it would be accepting Cryptocurrency payments. The firm has revealed that it now accepts another five Cryptocurrencies that include Tether, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP and Ethereum. The introduction of more coins is expected to provide buyers with more options.

According to Bayram Tekce, the company’s Chairman, Cryptocurrencies provide their clients with a more secure payment option. He added that the use of virtual currencies eliminates any exchange loss common during money transfer between banks. Customers who opt to use digital assets when buying their new homes enjoy the reduced cost.

Cryptocurrency Property Buyers Get Titles On The Same Day

Antalya Homes is one of the largest real estate companies in Turkey. Although the company announced it had some properties in Bitcoin, it did not reveal the value of these transactions. However, given that most homes in the country sell at least at €30,000 ($34,000), the company might have sold the nine properties for 80 Bitcoins which is around $306,000 at the current exchange rate.

Antalya Homes have a page on their website that states that those who buy their property with Bitcoin get their title deeds on the same day. This encouraging message is expected to continue playing a major role in convincing potential buyers to turn to Cryptocurrencies. The company also allows its customers to pay in both fiat and virtual currencies for the same property thus offering more flexibility.

Turkey is believed to have one of the largest numbers of virtual currency users and holders in Europe. It’s not known why Cryptocurrencies are so popular in this transcontinental country. However, some attribute this popularity to the uncomfortable inflation rates and unfavorable banking framework in the country. Others believe the locals admire the Cryptocurrency’s own features such as decentralization.

Opera Web Browser To Offer iOS Users With Its Wallet Services

Opera has announced that it will be launching Opera Touch for iOS. The new browser will support decentralized applications (DApps) and comes with an integrated virtual currency wallet that supports Ethereum (ETH). According to the company, the new browser has been developed due to the success of a previous project for Android users. The company launched its “Web 3-ready” browser in December for Android users.


Opera has been integrating Cryptocurrency services in its products. Opera users in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden can use their Android version of the browsers to buy Ethereum. The new feature was introduced on Feb. 6 through a partnership with Safello, a brokerage firm. Charles Hamel, Opera’s product manager hailed the addition of built-in-Cryptocurrency wallet to Opera browser when the news broke in July 2018.

March 6, 2019

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