Major Retailers And Whole Foods Now Accept Cryptos Through The Spedn App

Major Retailers And Whole Foods Now Accept Cryptos Through The Spedn App

On May 13th, some of the leading retailers agreed to start accepting the use of cryptos for a number of purchases. Crypto enthusiasts all across the globe were pleased to hear that news. The retailers include Regal Cinemas, Lowes, Whole Foods, as well as Gamestop. They will now accept the payments in crypto. The payments will be processed by Flexa, using Spedn. Spedn is its main custodial wallet and enables people with spend with a number of cryptos such as Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and GUSD.

Crypto Purchases Now Accepted At Several Leading Retailers

Digital currencies received a major push on the 13th of May 2019 from Flexa and its new wallet, Spedn. The users will get an opportunity to spend a number of currencies when purchasing at any of the mentioned outlets. The other outlets that will begin accepting the use of these cryptos are Baskin Robbins, Barnes & Noble, Crate and Barrel, Nordstrom and Petco. The startup has also stated how the application will be able to operate. It is as a result of a partnership between Flexa and the digital currency company known as Gemini. This platform gives the users an opportunity to load up one of the wallets that have any coin and buy items with one of the shops that it is partnering with.

About The Flexa Network

The Flexa network was started by some of the big names in this market. The co-founders of this great platform are Daniel McCabe, Zachary Kilgore, Trevor Filter, and Tyler Spalding. In the background, Flexa applies its own native crypto coin that is known as Flexacoin. Flexacoin is essentially applied as a means of securing payments up to when the operation is approved on any of the leading public blockchains. The Flexa team has stated that they created the platform because they strongly believe that existing payment networks are usually broken. So instead of teaming up with some of the debit card providers, they opted to work with the leading merchants to offer its services.


30,476 Stores Now Accept The Virtual Coins

Basically, the partnership gives the users an opportunity to spend their virtual coins at 30,476 stores found in various places. Flexa has stated that the company has numerous applications that are about to be introduced. These applications will also work together in the main network and help further. Before the year comes to an end, the company has also stated that it will be launching its main open source SDK. This will give the wallets an opportunity to integrate the same Flexa transactions in a more effective manner.

A Message To The World

The company has stated that its main aim is to pass a strong message to the world. It wants to tell the world how the transformative digital assets can be used for all types of payments. Apart from the peer-to-peer transactions, there are a number of other areas where they can be applied. They can be used for dining, retail payments and much more.

May 14, 2019

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