New Update Now Introduces A Decentralized Bitcoin Cash Exchange And A Fresh Giveaway
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New Update Now Introduces A Decentralized Bitcoin Cash Exchange And A Fresh Giveaway

Bisq is a decentralized exchange that has been forked for Bitcoin Cash. Just few hours following forking of the decentralized exchange, the number of subscribers to the r/BTC has grown so high. It was able to hit 250,000 subscribers just within a very short time. The new update gives the users a number of new functionalities. Apart from just learning about some of the recent developments, users also have the opportunity to participate in its giveaway project. All these have been shown on the recent video update from the YouTube channel of

Special Giveaway In The Weekly News Update For Bitcoin

The show for this week featured a special subreddit. This subredit had been created for the sole purpose of supporting free discussion of BTC in the face of censorship in a number of other forums. Just within that short duration, r/BTC was able to hit more than 250,000 subscribers. Earlier on the show, a former r/bitcoin moderator was invited to shed more light. He spoke about how r/bitcoin has become filled with both manipulation and censorship.

How Bisq Decentralized Exchange Works

One of the popular shows in the world of cryptocurrencies at the moment got to be the Bitcoin Cash development news. The main aim of the show was to look at how Bisq, the decentralized exchange was forked to offer support to Bitcoin Cash. It also looks at the latest advancements in the entire market. It is also important to note that the show also looks at how the Cashshuffle protocol has been able to bring various advancements in the whole industry. Cashshuffle already has mixed millions of dollars worth of the virtual coin. There is a new open source platform that is already in operation. The open source platform works with smart contracts to enable the users auction the SLP tokens for Bitcoin Cash.


What About The Giveaway is also doing something when it comes to giveaways. The crypto firm wants to reward some of its customers with a bunch of giveaways. At the moment, is actively involved in giving tickets to its customers who want to attend an oncoming international crypto event. The event is known as Malta AI & Blockchain Summit. It has been scheduled for a later date this month. Three lucky winners will have full access to the event. There is a lot that will be happening at the event. First of all, there will be an expo for various crypto stakeholders all across the globe. There will also be a host of several conferences and workshops.

Three lucky winners will have an opportunity to attend these three major activities. Each of the tickets is valued at a whopping 799 pounds. At the end of the show, details are given on how one can take part in this giveaway process. is one of the sources of cryptocurrency news in the whole industry. The creation of its YouTube channel has reinvented how crypto news is spread.

May 7, 2019

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