New Taipei City Mayor Expected To Address The World Blockchain Summit

New Taipei City Mayor Expected To Address The World Blockchain Summit

The World Blockchain Summit appears to be making great forays into Taiwan. Hou Yu-Ih, the mayor of New Taipei is expected to speak on how the crypto and blockchain adoption has progressed in the country. The World Blockchain Summit is expected to run from 25th to 26th of April 2019. There are also a number of other stalwarts that are expected to speak at this international summit. They include Alex Mashinsky, who is the Godfather of VOIP, Tim Draper, and Roger Ver, just to name a few.

Enhancing The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In The Country

In 2014, the government of Taiwan established the first incubation center that was fully led by the local government. It is known as InnoSquare. In 2016, the country introduced its first seed accelerator known as the Taiwan Accelerator. From that time, the government has been working double to actively support the initiatives that are able to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the nation. The New Taipei City government is focused to connecting and combining the support of business incubators, enterprises, governments, startups, policy-makers and investors.

Biggest Blockchain Summit In The World

For that reason, the city will endorse the biggest blockchain series on the planet dubbed the World Blockchain Summit. It will take place from the 25th to the 26th of April 2019. The venue has been scheduled to be the New Taipei City’s Hilton Taipei Sinban. The organizers of the summit are known as Trescon. Trescon is a worldwide business events company as well as one of the best international consulting firms. The concept of this main event is to assess the ecosystem of the Taiwanese blockchain, starting from the point of regulation to the standpoint of implementation.

Speakers At The Event

Even though the summit is scheduled to only occur for two days, it will attract some of the popular names in this market. It is set to be a melting point of some of the world largest pioneers in the blockchain and crypto community. They include’s Chief Executive Officer, Roger Ver, as well as Binance’s Chief Growth Officer Ted Lin. Others include crypto congressman, Jason Hsu, and not forgetting Hou Yu-Ih, the newly elected mayor of New Taipei City, among the rest. The summit also has other partners and sponsors such as, NOD3, Bloomyt, Nexxo, ACO, Naoris, HexBean just to name a few.


The Taiwan’s Blockchain Mission

According to Alvin Chua, the leader of The Institute of Blockchain, Singapore, adoption and education of blockchain is a continuing process. He goes ahead to state that the World Blockchain Summit is a great platform for all those who want to get together and get to learn from one another. It doesn’t matter the area; weather it is academia, developer, regulator, or even from the perspective of business. The blockchain technology’s proliferation begins from all that are involved in the industry. His sentiments were supported by Trescon, CEO’s Mohammed Saleem, who are the main organizers of the event.

April 22, 2019

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