New Video Series About Bitcoin Cash Debuts

New Video Series About Bitcoin Cash Debuts has introduced a new video series that is meant for the crypto curios. Dubbed “How Bitcoin Cash Will Change the World”, this video series comes with a crisp new look. It has also been designed with a narrative style that is lighthearted and so easy to understand. The first episode of this new video series premiered on May 1st 2019. In the first episode, leading eight ways in which BCH will transform the world were featured.

How Bitcoin Cash Is Expected To Transform The World

On Wednesday, May 1st, a new video series debuted on the YouTube channel of The premiere episode of this video series focused on the leading ways in which BCH is expected to change the world. 8 Ways Bitcoin Cash Will Change the World video series explains how making small charitable donations practical can change the world as well as improving the cross-border remittances. The video also goes ahead to explain how decentralized crypto helps in combating inflation. Getting rid of middlemen and their excessive charges and assisting the unbanked are other ways in which decentralized cryptocurrency will bring changes.

More On The Video Series

Middlemen have been extorting traders of their hard-earned money with the numerous fees they levy on each transaction. The best way of bringing this to an end is entirely getting rid of the middlemen. That is the best explanation that the video gives. The video also shows how BCH can be used as a main tool for aiding financial transparency. Apart from that, it can create a fresh energy infrastructure in the societies that are impoverished. Further, Bitcoin Cash can still be used to facilitate a range of new fundraising options.


Video Series Meant For The Crypto Curious

Marton Csuzi is the video lead for He explained that these videos have been designed for any person who wants to learn more about the virtual coin. At some point, Csuzi pointed out that around four million people downloaded their wallet. Their main is to ensure that those who downloaded the wallet get some serious content. It does not really matter the area of their expertise. He also stated that there are dozens of individuals who are interested at knowing more about the cryptocurrencies. However, they never get to achieve that since most of the articles and conversations get too technical very fast. The video series has mainly been designed for the crypto curious. want to ensure that they are not only entertained but also educated.

The Video’s Duration

According to the company’s video lead, there is no better way of doing that than introducing a crypto-curious audience to lighthearted and easy-to-understand educative video series about BCH and the cryptocurrency. Most of the video episodes will run between five to twelve minutes based on the topic. Their main aim is to create content that is not only engaging but also offer value. Csuzi remarked that they’d rather create something people will be interested to watch than something they won’t endure watching till the end.

May 3, 2019

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