NEXT PAKK – Built For Last-Mile Delivery

NEXT PAKK – Built For Last-Mile Delivery

Next Pakk is a project that hopes to disrupt the last-mile logistics by using Blockchain technology and a sharing economy to eradicate challenges experienced in the currency system such as theft of packages and missed deliveries.

nextpakk token


Token: Pakka
Private Pre-Sale date: July 1st to 31st
Pre-Sale available tokens: 40,000,000 tokens
Pre-Sale Price: $0.16 per token
Pre-ICO date: August 1st to 31st
Pre-ICO tokens: 60,000,000
Pre-Sale price: $0.24 per token
ICO date: September 1st to 30th
ICO tokens: 100,000,000
ICO token price: $0.32 per token
Soft Cap: USD 1 Million
Hard Cap: USD 52.8 Million

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nextpakk-processCurrent eCommerce Ecosystem

Online buying has become a popular way of purchasing goods. Every day, the number of people who buy products online keeps increasing. It is now common to buy a product online and await delivery. Any increase in online sales will lead to an increase in the demand on last-mile logistics. For instance, by 2020, Americans are expected to buy goods worth $632 billion online. By 2021, about 2.14 billion people around the world around the world are expected to buy goods online. These figures show how important last-mile logistics will continue to be even in the future.

nextpakk bountyThe Emergence Of Next Pakk Project

Pakka has emerged in response to the increasing demand on last -mile logistics. Pakka will run on the Blockchain platform and provide an integrated marketplace based on the sharing economy. The system will allow users, local businesses, and clients to share the benefits and obligations.

NextPakk and the Pakka Cryptocurrency have been developed from the combined use of Blockchain and the sharing economy. The resulting ecosystem is critical in eradicating missed deliveries and loss of packages through theft. The Pakka Blockchain relies on the Stellar fork, which enhances its scalability and throughputs. Pakka token is the digital currency that will allow one to obtain delivery services on the platform.

Pakka tokens will enable the users to earn from their own assets such as personal vehicle and spare time. The tokens can also be exchanged for other forms of virtual currencies. Payments for the receipt of goods are done using the currency. Pakka tokens also act as collateral for last-mile deliveries.

The Benefits Of This Project


The consumers will have confidence, control, and security as cases of missed deliveries and stolen packages will be reduced drastically. The consumers will also share limited personal information online.

The retailers will enjoy high-profit margins because of the reduced cases of stolen packages. Carriers will also have a reason to be happy with the system as it will help in reducing missed both the deliveries and the mile travels. This will increase the profit margin for the carriers.

The system will allow for the use of extra space in the local stores. This will lead to an increase in demand and revenue for local store owners. The project will also allow people to use their personal vehicles. This means drivers will get an opportunity to earn extra income when they deliver packages using their vehicles.

Next Pakk Presence In Social Media

Next Pakk is present in social media where it interacts with the public. Users can ask any question they may have about the project on Twitter or Telegram. The social media has helped the company reach more people. The company uses this platform for communicating important information about the project and providing updates.

Given that demand for last-mile logistics is expected to increase with an increase in e-commerce sales, this is one of the best projects for one to invest in.

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June 22, 2018

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