North Korea To Host An 8-Day Long Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Summit

North Korea To Host An 8-Day Long Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Summit

Crypto enthusiasts will in April 2019 get a chance to visit North Korea for an international Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit, the first of its kind in the country. According to the organizers, each attendee will pay 3,300 euros, which will cover food, transport, and accommodation during the event. Although Americans will be allowed, nationals from Israel, Japan, and South Korea will not.

Pyongyang To Host Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Summit

For the first time in history, North Korea will organize an international Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit next year. Alejandro Cao tweeted that the event will be held between April 18 – 25 next year. North Korea’s Science and Technology Complex will host the summit. The conference will be taking place from 9 am to noon and from 3 pm to 6 pm on day five and six.

The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) posted information about this conference on the country’s official website. The association said that preparations are in top gear and the communist country has opened its doors to Crypto investors and enthusiasts worldwide.

The attendees will have to part with a fee of 3,300 euros. The fee will cover China-North Korea-China flight, accommodation, transport, and food. Apart from attending the conference, the visitors will also get a chance to visit other places in the country. They include a beer factory, the North Korea/South Korea border, and Kaeson. The attendees will also visit Pyongyang University of Foreign Languages, Museum of the Korean War, and the Great People’s Study House.

The government has selected a strong team to lead in the preparation of this conference. Mr. Alejandro Cao de Benos is one of the organizing team members. He is the President of KFA– Korean Friendship Association and Special Envoy for the Committee for Cultural Relations. Another one is Chris Emms who is a renowned Cryptocurrency expert who is also the founder of Token Key.

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Security Will Not Be An Issue

North Korea is a secluded country that many people have little information about. Consequently, security is always a major issue for those visiting the Asian country. The event organizers are aware of this challenge and have done their best to assure the visitors that the country is secure. On the FAQ page, security is one of the issues that is covered.

According to the page, the country is very safe as long as one has basic common sense. Furthermore, the page advises the visitors to respect the locals and their culture and beliefs. The page concludes that those are the only requirements for those wishing to have it easy in the country. In the last three or so decades, the country has interacted with thousands of visitors in areas such as business, science, sports etc.

Not Everyone Is Allowed

Although the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit in North Korea is expected to bring Cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world together, there are some restrictions. Israelites, Japanese, and South Koreans will not be allowed to attend. However, the Americans are free to apply.

November 21, 2018

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