ONLINE.IO – Together We Can Change The Internet

ONLINE.IO – Together We Can Change The Internet

The is a project aimed at enhancing Internet experience by getting rid of ads, malware, and tracking tools. The project will be beneficial to both the web operators and users.


Although privacy on the Internet is crucial, it’s no secret that many websites gather important details about their visitors and use it for their own benefits. is determined to enhance privacy and ensure people browse in a secure, non-trackable, malware-free, and ad-free Internet.


CalendarOIO Token
Pre-Sale Start Date: 15 June, 2018
Public Start Date: 10 July, 2018
TGE End Date: 31 July, 2018
Maximum tokens: 2,500,000,000
Price per token: USD 0.04
Hard cap: USD 50,000,000
Soft cap: USD 5,000,000

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The Current Internet Ecosystem

Online.io_Government agencies and some companies keep tracking your every move. Stopping such distasteful behaviors can only be stopped when people unite. Many websites are full of ads that create unfriendly Internet experiences. Others have masked malware, fraudulent ads, or mining scripts among other harmful tools. All these tools end up benefiting only the web operators.

Many websites rely on ads to make money. will use Blockchain technology and allow web operators to earn money without interfering with the experience of their visitors. The websites will be rewarded based on the number of visitors and their duration on the site, thereby enabling the operators to earn in a more suitable and quality environment.

To further enhance the effectiveness of this project, a new website rating will be introduced. The rating will allow the users to rate the websites they visit. High-ranked websites will be more relevant in terms of their content. This will reduce the time wasted visiting irrelevant pages. The program will enhance your productivity on the Internet.

Why Website Operators Should Embrace This Project

Internet advertising has become an important industry given that over 40 percent of the world population uses the internet. Websites are able to access enormous data crucial to marketing agents. This means many web operators generate a lot of revenue from advertisement. However, there have been concerns on the use of users’ data by third parties leading passing of some regulatory measures to address the same. There have also been evolving capabilities that have adversely affected these ads.

Recent studies have established that users are becoming more unhappy with the ads. They believe that the ads interfere with their Internet security, privacy and that they are annoying. This mean websites with more adverts are more annoying to visitors. Moreover, the presence of many ads may have adverse effects on the popularity of a website.

OnlineHow The Project Will Work

The program will allow Internet users to rate the websites they visit. When they are happy with the website, they will rate it highly and enhance its ranking. Highly ranked websites will see an increase in the number of visitors and revenue. The websites will work towards posting high-quality content on their website.

Token Distribution

The OIO community will get 70 percent of the tokens. The company will have only 15 percent. Marketing and loyalty purposes will be allocated 10 percent of the tokens. The advisers will get 5 percent. On Social Media is present on Twitter and Telegram. It uses these social media networks to interact with the society. It communicates important details about the project such as what it is all about. They also respond to any questions raised on the platform.

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June 13, 2018

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