OPP Open WIFI is a Blockchain that allows mobile phone users to share their unused Internet data with their peers and earn tokens as a result. The Blockchain is aiming to be a WIFI hotspot that transcends boundaries and makes use of the existing data sharing laws.



Token Symbol: OPP
Price of token: 1 OPP Token = 0.4USD
Accepted Currencies: TBA
Total Tokens: 4,000,000,000
Platform: Ethereum
Type of Token: ERC20
Presale Dates: Complete
Stage 1 (July 1 – July 22): 40%
Stage 2 (July 23 – July 29): 35%
Stage 3 (July 30 – August 5): 30%
Stage 4 (August 6 – August 12): 25%
Stage 5 (August 13 – August 19): 20%
Stage 6 (August 20 – August 26): 15%
Stage 7 (August 27 – September 2): 10%
Stage 8 (September 3 – September 9): 5%
Stage 9 (September 10 – September 14): 2.5%
Fundraising Goal: $40 million

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The Challenges Facing Data Subscribers

There are over 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world. One of the core utilities of these gadgets is to access the Internet through bandwidth subscriptions and allocation. This is often expensive. However, the problem lies in the fact that clients do not continuously use their data due to other commitments such as careers, recreational activities etc.

The problem is compounded by the fact that data expires after a given period of time (whether the allocation is still active or expired) due to the terms and conditions from the Internet Service Providers. Additionally, there could be instances when a user is unable to access the Internet due to weak bandwidth speeds that can lead to a waste of money.


The OPP Open WIFI Solution

The OPP Open WIFI will proffer to users a platform that shares their unused data with other users and earn them redeemable OPP tokens.

There will be an app for mobile phones and a router for homes and businesses. The users willing to donate will sign up for the Blockchain, download the application, indicate the amount of data they would like to share and earn OPP tokens soon afterward.

Meanwhile, data consumers will download the app or purchase the router; the Blockchain will automatically activate the WIFI host function and enable the clients to access WIFI from their location.

The Blockchain will be one huge WIFI hotspot powered by individuals need to donate their personal data from their smartphones (WIFI Hosts).

The Blockchain Model

An impeccable WIFI hotspot Blockchain requires a cutting-edge technology to connect Internet donors and the world and to ensure that the applications and routers are in sync with data. The following are the pillars of the Blockchain:

1. Decentralized Wi-Fi Sharing

The Blockchain will allow Internet users to interact in an ecosystem where they can share resources without a central authority to direct their interactions. The peer to peer interactions will be underpinned by a mutual trust, which is a fundamental aspect for anonymous interactions. In all this, there will be a proof of work model to authorize the transactions and assign the OPP token to individual data providers.

2. Smart Contract Integration

The feature will be the basis of achieving consensus in this platform. It will contain guidelines that all parties abide by. The aspect will be a fundamental guideline for exchanging data, digital money, etc. on the OPP Open WIFI Blockchain.

3. Advertisement Feature

The Blockchain will also contain an advertisement feature, which will be viewed by users as push messages. Viewers will be rewarded by OPP tokens.



OPP Open WIFI is distracting the long-held notion that only Internet Providers can provider WIFI solutions. By converting unused bandwidth to monetized data, the platform will be the world’s biggest source of data. The advantage of the Blockchain technology in this network is that the identity of all data customers, data providers, OPP Token investors, and advertisers is secured, protected and kept private.

August 3, 2018

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