ORGANICCO – Investing In The Future Of Our Beautiful Planet For Our Children

ORGANICCO – Investing In The Future Of Our Beautiful Planet For Our Children

Organicco is a project in the agricultural sector that seeks to transform unwanted organic materials into useful products. The project hopes to become a global leader in this industry through its affiliates.

Organicco Token

Token Symbol: ORC
Type: Security tokens
Pre-ICO cap: £10,000
Pre-ICO Price: £0.40 per token
Pre-ICO tokens available: 12,000,000
ICO crowd-sale cap: £35,000,000
ICO crowd-sale Price: £0.50 per token
Total tokens available: 120,000,000 tokens

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About Organicco Project

Organicco RoadmapOrganicco Limited is a UK-based company that researches and develops green-tech products. Organicco will manage the money raised through ICO and will be responsible for improving the value of Organicco tokens. The company will use the capital to create natural capitals like organic fertilizers, animal feed, biomass energy products, renewable energy, and fuels. The company will work via its subsidiary businesses.

The company hopes to use patented technology to make these natural capitals. The investors will get back their capital through the money generated by this project. The main goal of this company is to become a global producer of food, renewable energy, and fuel in a sustainable and environmentally friendly method.

The money raised through the ICO will be used in financing various operations in the green and agri-tech sectors. The project will operate in the UK, Canada, and South East Asia. The money will also be used in the development of an international payment platform called easiPayer. The funds will also finance the production of organic fertilizer and animal feed using green technology solutions known as ecoHERO and ecoDRYER. The money will also finance the production of biomass fuels using ecoREDUCER.

Why The Project Is Important

Organicco for ChildrenThe worldwide industrial waste management market is estimated to be worth about $1,442 Billion. In the UK, waste management operators release only 18 percent of the waste. This means there is an opportunity to use these wastes and enjoy economic benefits. In 2014, a top UN official of the food and Agriculture Organization was quoted saying that the world’s topsoil will be gone in the next 60 years if the current extensive farming methods such as the use of fertilizer are maintained. Organicco will help in eliminating the need to use these dangerous chemicals by producing organic fertilizer.


EasiPayer is an international payment platform is cheap, fast, secure, and easy to use. It will be accessible through the web or mobile app and will allow international clients who buy the fertilizer to buy easiPayer tokens using the fiat currencies accepted on the platform. The customers will pay a transaction of 0.50 percent, a mining fee, and 1.5 percent for converting fiat currency.

Unlike many tokens, easiPayer token is backed with real assets. Once a customer has allocated these tokens for the purchase of the fertilizer, the transaction cannot be reversed. This gives the company confidence that is dealing with a person with sufficient funds. The products can therefore only be rejected on the ground of low quality or insufficient volume. The tokens are released to the company once the client is satisfied with the quality and quantity of the fertilizer.

Organicco AirdropOrganicco Presence In Social Media

Organicco is present and active in various social media platforms such as Telegram and Twitter. The company provides important details about the project on these communication channels. Moreover, those who have questions about this project can easily engage the company there as it has enough agents who respond accordingly.

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June 22, 2018

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