PAYERA – Simple Shopping And Safe Pay

PAYERA – Simple Shopping And Safe Pay

PAYERA is a project hoping to transform online shopping by offering a more secure way of transacting in either PAYERA tokens or fiat currency.


PayeraToken Symbol: PERA
Protocol: ERC233
Pre-ICO Start Date: May 30, 2018
Pre-ICO Price: $0.035
ICO Start Date: June 20, 2018
ICO Price: $0.05
ICO Bonus: 25%
Available tokens: 2,100,000,000
Max. Handcap: $60 million
Payment means: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH

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About Payera

Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies have become some of the most important inventions in recent years. Although the virtual currencies have become very popular, they are characterized with strong volatility and anonymity. Consequently, most people use them for speculation purposes and not for transactions. PAYERA has emerged to address this problem and make it easy for people to use Cryptocurrencies for transactions without any fear.


is a payment system that comes with a wallet and exchange to enable businesses and their customers to experience a safe and secure crypto shopping experience.

• The buyers will be able to make payments with their own choice of Cryptocurrencies with their protection covered.

• The traders will have the power to choose their preferred method of payment. They can allow transactions in fiat or Cryptocurrencies listed in the wallet.

• A proportion of the fees collected will finance PAYERA charity. After a certain amount is reached, the foundation team will give it to needy communities irrespective of their location.


is an online shopping platform that will allow the sellers and buyers to transact. Both new and used products will be traded. The platform will be easy to use and will enhance user experience.


is a crypto-payment-card that will be issued to users. The card comes with flexibility absent in the traditional ones. The card is linked to your PAYERA wallet making it easy for you to buy goods or withdraw fiat money at an ATM.

The Vision And Mission Of PAYERA

How it Works


The company hopes to become the Cryptocurrency business with the highest number of users. It will be a place that allows crypto owners to do online-shopping without fear.


The company’s mission is to become their customer’s first choice. It will be a place that lets people to transact in Cryptocurrencies.

The Benefits Of The Program To Buyers, Sellers, And Supporters


The system will protect buyers by offering them full consumer protection when using PAYERA. The buyers will also not be charged when doing internal wallet transactions.


The project will help the sellers to become established in crypto world and boost their sales. The project will also provide the sellers with the option of paying in fiat to protect them against the volatility of the Cryptocurrencies.


PERA will become crucial in crypto payments, as it is not a speculative coin. Those who will finance the project are assured of investing in a real business model.

PAYERA And Social Media

Those wishing to learn more about PAYERA can joint their Telegram group. The company uses the platform to communicate important issues to their fans. Those with questions also use the platform as the company responds quickly. The Telegram group also allows different people with the same interest in the business to interact. The company is also present on Twitter where it interacts with more people by providing them with relevant updates.

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June 15, 2018

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