Peer Mountain | Decentralized Trust for All
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Peer Mountain | Decentralized Trust for All

Peer Mountain is the first mobile distributed system of trust. It is a decentralized identity platform based on unique architecture and technology guaranteed to provide stability, consistency, and it designed to reward trustworthiness.

On the platform, users control their data, and they can choose who accesses their data and the information remains inaccessible to third parties. Peer Mountain is also providing a foundation where Ethereum based applications can provide actual solutions to the daily business problems. In this light, the team behind Peer Mountain has issued a token sale to fund its operations and in their efforts to avoid a reoccurrence of the recent string of high profile data breaches.

Peer Mountain Token Features:

Token name: PMT

Token type: ERC20

Payout: PMT  tokens will be sent to your ETH wallet

Total supply:326,928,479 PMT tokens

ICO token supply: 327,000,000


Price: 1 ETH = 3000 PMT

Pre-sale period: February 20 – March 6, 2018

ICO sale period: March 6 – June 12, 2018

Soft cap: 39,488 ETH

Hard cap: $28,000,000

Accepted cryptocurrencies:ETH

The crowd sale period involves 6 rounds from round 0 to road 6. Round 0 is a reserved for the users who have applied for the white list and they expect to raise a total of 2,333 ETH. Each of the rounds have various discounts, with users who enter in round zero getting the highest discount at 30%, while round 5  entrants will not get a discount. After each round attains it intended target, the tokens bought will be distributed to the investors. At the close of the ICO period, all remaining tokens will be burned.

Funds Allocation

Peer Mountain will allocate the funds raised in the ICO across four principal areas that will put them ahead of the competition.

40% – to be spent on technology that includes the audit and development of Peer Mountain smart contracts, application architecture, enterprise and mobile clients, blockchain nodes among other crucial milestone objectives.

25% – will be allocated to corporate development which encompasses typical expenses such as managerial and administrative wages, taxes, fees, office space, as well as equipment

25% – will be set aside for marketing, partnership initiatives, and PR

10% will be allocated to maters legal; and regulatory, which include development of regulatory suggestions, and lobbying

The Team

Peer Mountain have a team that is geared at ensuring we it success and it led by Jed Grant, the CEO, Lead Architect, and a visionary.

He leads a team comprised of a data scientist, a blockchain architect, a blockchain developer, a software engineer, a backend developer, a mobile architect, a mobile lead, a blockchain development operations engineer, a mobile architect, a compliance officer. The team also has a mobile developer, a press and communications expert, a content manager, a digital marketer, content and strategy expert, a UI/UX designer, a community manager, a web developer, and an engagement manager. The team is guided in its operations and strategy by a 14-member advisory board with technical experience in various disciplines.


Since 2005, Peer Mountain has maintained the lead in ensuring that customer data is kept away from third parties, and investing in the ICO will ensure that we maintain control of the information we share on the internet. To participate in the token sale, browse through their official website and keenly read their whitepaper. You can also join and follow the conversation on Twitter and Telegram for user reviews of the ICO.

May 26, 2018

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