Philanthor – Next Generation Foundation

Philanthor – Next Generation Foundation

Philanthor is a blockchain platform that brings together philanthropists who are united by a common passion of contributing to the general wellbeing of life on earth. This entails the contribution of funds as aid towards projects that are determined by common beliefs, moral convictions, personal initiatives, shared beliefs, and good ideas.

It is vital to point out that there is a difference between charity and philanthropy as the Philanthor blockchain is dedicated to the latter. Charity is an immediate relief to a problem such as sending food to hunger-stricken people. On the other hand, philanthropy is the solution to a far-reaching causal factor that brings about any form of suffering be it to humans, the environment, the ecosystem or anything else. For instance, funding projects of irrigation to hunger-stricken countries as opposed to giving relief food is philanthropy.

The Challenges Facing Philanthropists

Philanthropists have had to rely on websites and other support organizations in far-off countries to make their mark. These shortcomings not only decrease the amount of real money reaching the needed projects but may also leady to donor fatigue due to lack of verification methods to determine whether the money was utilized for its intended use. Additionally, philanthropic organizations are usually constrained by regional barriers despite the good intention and willingness of individuals to leave their mark on life-changing programs.

Pilanthor Token Allocation


Token: PTH
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Price of token: 1ETH=15,000 PTH
Currency Acceptance: ETH
Minimum Contribution: TBA
Maximum Contribution: TBA
Total Tokens: 2,000,000,000
Tokens for Sale: 700,000 ,000
Token Pre-Sale Sale Days: June-September 2018 (Ongoing)
Collection Target in Pre-Sale: At least $2,000,000
Token Days: October 2018

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The Philanthor Blockchain Features and Solutions

1. Utility Cryptocurrency

The blockchain will allow users to contribute towards projects through the PTH on-platform token, which has liquidity for fiat money through its wallet exchange. This feature will eliminate or reduce transaction costs, middlemen and banks for the process of money transfer. This will ensure that most of the funds are used for the intended project.

2. Decentralized Automation of Decision Making (DAO)

In philanthropic missions, there is usually no consensus, as decisions are determined by the person who came up with the idea. The blockchain will offer a different version of philanthropic works where contributors will have voting rights that are governed by smart contracts.

3. Utmost Transparency

The blockchain will make transactions visible and verifiable so that donors can verify the programs.

4. Global Participation

Massive crowdfunding will be possible when the blockchain reaches a global audience. This will significantly improve collections and ultimately the philanthropic projects all over the world.

5. Measurable Impact

The Blockchain activities will be documented and therefore verifiable to all parties. Hence, the contributors may be able to ascertain the impact of their work on the target.

6. Technology-Assisted Decision Making

Since the users will be allowed to decide on the cause to contribute, there will be an Artificial Intelligence feature to enable them to see the areas that need attention. This will solve the problem where some needs miss donors due to lack of awareness or data to show their importance.



The Philanthor blockchain will be at the forefront of bringing together like-minded individuals willing to make a positive change in the world through philanthropic missions’ funding. The network will have an own-token (the PTH) for funds transmission, an AI, a DAO, and other features that make philanthropic missions verifiable, transparent and measurable.

September 17, 2018

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