Professor Christian Catalini Is Actively Working On The Facebook Coin

Professor Christian Catalini Is Actively Working On The Facebook Coin

Christian Catalini is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The professor has taken a vacation from his job at the university to work on the creation of a Facebook coin.

The Great Collaboration

The collaboration of Catalini and Facebook is now known to the public. Facebook is reportedly in the process of creating a stablecoin. Once completed, the stablecoin will allow its users to remit cash and even carry out online transactions. Various media outlets have now learned of the great partnership that Catalini has with the social media mogul.

Working With The Best In The Industry

Christian Catalini is a professor at the Theodore T. Miller Career Development of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Catalini is definitely one of the top rated scientists in the area of token economic principles. Just a couple of few months ago, Catalini co-authored a document together with Joshua Gans, a professor at Toronto University. The document was about the valuation of tokens as well as initial coin offerings. One of the latest articles that have been done by Catalini shows that he is among the best in the whole industry. The article discusses the whole issue of disconnecting the expressed desire of customers in privacy protection, as well as their obvious reluctance to give it back. The article was authored with Catherine Tucker of MIT and Susan Athey.


The Future Is Private

The last F8 developer conference attracted various market stakeholders including Facebook. During this event, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO had an opportunity to speak. He stated clearly that he believes that the future is private. According to a report done by Bloomberg, Facebook announced plans to develop a crypto coin towards the end of 2018. Initially, the plan was to design the coin for WhatsApp messaging service.

Succeeding Where BTC Failed

Catalini is one of the faces that are currently involved in bringing Facebook to the mainstream crypto world. The professor obtained his Ph.D. in Strategic Management in 2013. He was a student at the Toronto University. In February 2019, an article by the New York Times reported something new. It stated that Facebook was hoping to succeed in areas where Bitcoin failed. This, it hoped to achieve, with its closely guarded crypto venture. It can be remembered that Catalini was among the top leaders of the MIT Bitcoin Venture. The venture raised a total of $500 K. This amount was used to rewards MIT pupils Bitcoins that were worth $100. It happened in the year 2014.

Internet Giants In The Crypto World

There has been reports of participation of some of the leading internet giants in the crypto world. Facebook is not the only one. Other senior social media platforms that have shown interest in this market are Telegram and Twitter. However, it appears that Facebook is actively involved in the crypto space at the moment. Its efforts have been noticed mainly because of the kind of experts its working with in the creation process. Catalini is one of them.

May 6, 2019

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