Quadrigacx is a Canadian Cryptocurrency exchange platform that focuses on ensuring that Canadian users have an easy way of buying and selling Cryptocurrencies. It is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where it is registered.

The exchange was established in 2013 by the late founder and CEO, Gerald Cotton, who passed on in December 2018. However, the company is still under sound management.

Quadrigacx prides itself in offering liquidity and volume where funds can be withdrawn in 24 hours, unlike other platforms where the infrastructure only supports a low volume of trade while taking days to process funds withdrawals. Secondly, account funding and withdrawals are fully free. Thirdly, there is prioritization of security. There are also other significant aspects that make the exchange unique and outstanding as follows.

Live Trading Pairs

For buyers and sellers of Cryptocurrencies, there is a live trades tab where charts are updated on a timely interval to capture the latest trends. This ensures that traders can leverage on the short-term performance of listed Cryptocurrencies to leverage on market fluctuations.

Live Trading Pairs

The pairs provided include-

It is important to note that XBT refers to BTC as some exchanges still identify Bitcoins in the same way. BTG is Bitcoin Gold, BCH is Bitcoin Cash ABC, LTC is Litecoin, BSV is Bitcoin Cash SV, and ETH refers to Ethereum. CAD and USD are Canadian and US dollars respectively.

Market Orders

The quadrigacx platform has tabs that are labeled as “market overview” and “order book”. These tabs show the prevailing sell orders and buy orders on the platform to enable buyers and sellers to trade as per their wishes.

Deposit And Withdrawal

Quadrigacx offers a deposit solution where funding reflects on users’ account wallets in short periods such as the Flexepin Voucher, In-Person, and e-Transfer Funding options. There are other funding options including Bank Wire, Bank Draft, Crypto Capital, and QCX Voucher. For each of the methods, fees range from 2.5% to free and verification is required.

On the other hand, withdrawals can be made in the same timeline Gift Card, QCX Voucher, Crypto Capital, Bank Wire, Direct Bank Transfer / EFT, Credit Card, Physical Cash Pickup, and Express Bank Transfer. The fees in each case range from $4% to free and a fixed $5.85CAD for gift cards.

Deposits and withdrawals

In both cases, there are transactional limits 24-hour limits, and timeframes that all vary with options.

QuadrigaCX Referral Program

To grow the platform, QuadrigaCX has a referral program that rewards referees with various gift packages such as 10% of all trading fee on referral cases. This service is available to new sign-ups and is subject to certain rules. Links are offered for various social media platforms to cater to the needs of everyone.

Merchant Program

Merchants are sellers who offer sell orders to prospective investors. They provide their auto-sell addresses or wallet addresses in order to receive BTC and sell the Token at the platform either for USD or CAD. However, due to structural changes, the service is not available for retail or e-commerce level transactions at this point until further notice.


QuadrigaCX is a Cryptocurrency exchange platform that also supports fiat-Crypto and Crypto-fiat transactions. It is simple to use, secure and designed for Canada-based Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

January 24, 2019

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