What is Qurrex?

This is basically a trading platform that will carry out various roles, meeting the demands of consumers of various stock exchanges as well as FX brokers.

Qurrex will be a full Blockchain network that will get rid of the middlemen and offer advanced security and also give the consumers the kind of security they need.

Token Sale


Token: QRX
Price: 1 ETH = 500 QRX
Public Sale Begins on = 10th to 30th June 2018
Hard Cap = $35,000,000
Accepted Currency: ETH

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Features of Qurrex

This platform has special features that allow organizational stock exchange traders to enter and participate in the ever-evolving Cryptocurrency space. These are some of the best features of this trading platform.

• Qurrex has been designed with a wide range of functionalities that will satisfy all the demands of consumers at any given level.

• The other thing that places Qurrex ahead of other service providers is the presence of safe, and high-performance ecosystem that would be supported by frequent technology audits.

• Qurrex will also make sure that there is maximum consumer transparency. This will be achieved by making the financial accounts public, undertaking independent audits, as well as making the processes in a formal order.

• Social trading and investing would become easy within the Qurrex ecosystem. As a matter of fact, Qurrex has been designed with an effective multilingual user support that stays active at all the times.

• The interface becomes so easy to customize, thanks to the APIs available on this platform.

• The other thing to note about this trading platform is how its payment channels are robust for carrying out all trading activities; both depositing and withdrawing funds.


The Team

Experts picked from various industrial backgrounds; including exchange infrastructure development, investment banking and others have brought Qurrex together. The current Chief Operating Officer is Slava Baikalov, who is also the co-founder.

Qurrex’ Social Trading

The Qurrex trader and consumer community have a special way of managing the users; trading accounts and ensuring that they are verified through rigid assessments. With huge incomes generated from the various trade signals, all traders who place their trading accounts here will smile all the way to the banks.


Quarrex’ High Liquidity

To attract good capital and to stimulate investment, Qurrex will be offering a very impressive high liquidity. The high liquidity provided by Qurrex can also, at times, be credited to a special end-to-end corporation with some major liquidity service providers.

What makes this platform the best is the fact a good portion of the liquidity will be achieved by the sufficient fund present within the main platform. When it comes to innovation, Qurrex has it all. It has been dominated by some of the best innovative projects such as BunnyToken, Signals, TV-TWO, and ODEM.


This is the hybrid solution that will streamline not only the operations but also the entry of organizational investors into the Cryptocurrency market. It blends together the decentralized Blockchain network with the centralized exchange service to give the best crypto traders can ever expect.

June 8, 2018

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