Subaj Global Network is a project that is expected to change the shopping experience by introducing a new loyalty reward sharing method. The project will use Blockchain technology and mobile-based techniques to enhance online/offline payments, marketing, and reward sharing system.



Token symbol: SBJ
Total tokens available: 5 Billion SBJ tokens
Pre-sale dates: June 18 – August 1, 2018
Token sale (first week) dates: August 2 – August 31
Token sale (second week) dates: September 1 – September 30
Soft Cap: $5 million
Hard Cap: $70 million

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The Current Reward System

Providing customers with loyalty rewards is one is the most common technique that merchants use to attract and keep their customers. Traditionally, a customer gets rewards for buying a product and can only use the reward to buy goods from the same store. Although this system has been around for a long time, it also comes with its fair share of challenges on the part of both the merchants and the customers.

Current Challenges And How SUBAJ Will Address Them

Although, many business use loyalty rewards to keep their customers, the prizes given mostly have little value. With Subaj however, the customers will be getting the rewards in tokens that have a market value.

Under the current reward system, customers can only use the rewards to purchase items in the same store. Subaj will allow customers to convert the various rewards given as tokens to other Cryptocurrencies and use them in other shops.

Despite the increased use of mobile phones for shopping, the current loyalty reward system lacks a mobile strategy thereby failing to reach more people. Subaj will allow merchants to send out their promotions to customers with SBJ mobile app within a given area.

How SUBAJ Will Work

Subaj will work as a decentralized infrastructure platform of worldwide business for both the merchants and their customers. The Mobile Geo-Drop Technology will be used in the new Global Commerce Infrastructure to enable the merchants to understand their customers’ preferences and proximity.

For instance, the merchants can use the SBJ Tokens to send out their adverts to clients within a given GeoFencing-Proximity say 500m. All the customers who have the SBJ app and within that distance will be notified of the promotion.


SUBAJ Exchange Platform (SXP)

SXP will be essential as it will allow the users to exchange the various virtual currencies on the SUBAJ Blockchain Platform (SBP). Moreover, SXP will also allow the users to trade the other Cryptocurrencies such as SBJ. This means that the tokens issued within the platform can be exchanged with other Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum or be converted to fiat money. For instance, when a customer gets tokens from Shop A and wants to use them in another shop, the customer will use SXP to exchange the tokens to SBJ tokens for use in Shop B.

Subaj On Social Media

Subaj understands the importance of social media in marketing. The company is present and active on Twitter and Telegram. One can engage the sales agents there and ask any question regarding the project. The company also uses the platform to provide new developments about the project.


Given the many benefits Subaj will have on merchants and customers, it’s evident the project will attract a high number of users. Subaj is, therefore, a lucrative investment opportunity for those wishing to join the loyalty reward system.

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July 12, 2018

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