SWISS ALPS – Connecting The World Of Blockchain With Environmentally Friendly Mining In Unused Buildings In The Swiss Alps.

SWISS ALPS – Connecting The World Of Blockchain With Environmentally Friendly Mining In Unused Buildings In The Swiss Alps.

About Swiss ALPS

Because of the high energy-intensive process of mining the virtual coins and other applications based on Blockchain, the international Blockchain market faces some serious challenges. As this continues, more and more buildings have continued to become derelict in the Swiss Alps.

What Swiss Alps does is to bring together these two worlds and offer mining facilities that are environmentally friendly. They are all offered in farm buildings and huts that are no longer used in the Swiss Alps.



Token: SAM
Platform: ETH
Token Standard: ERC20
ICO Start Date: 22th May 2018
ICO End Date: 27th July 2018
Total Tokens Available: 157,440,475 SAM
Tokens Available for Sale: 79,761,904 SAM

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Swiss AlpsFeatures of Swiss Alps

• Through the modular and proprietary cube system that is offered by Swiss Alps Energy AG, consumers will be able to install pre-designed mining features in the Alpine structures without the need of fixing up the huts.

• The Swiss mountains have an average temperature that does not exceed 15 Celsius and this means that the Swiss Alps cubes do not need any kind of special air conditioning.

• With the amazing concept of ventilation that is applied here, the natural conditions are exploited to perfection. This has come with its own share of benefits as the energy consumption is now lowered to about 30% when put in comparison with mining at areas that have low altitudes.

• It is also very important to note that these cubes are specially operated using water power, which is renewable energy.

• The mining facilities that are provided by Swiss Alps do not demand serious maintenance since they are managed through a central platform, which works by optimizing the whole process of mining. The credit here goes to the top-notch automation methods that this platform has.

• While it rents the individual computing capacity or the whole cube, Swiss Alps Energy AG ensures that its customers are guaranteed of a cost-effective and energy-efficient mining process.

• The Swiss Alps Mining has a very diffuse geographical stretch and this means that the company is in a position to offer hosting services for the decentralized blockchain network.

About the ICO

Swiss Alps Energy AG had arranged to have its Initial Coin Offering held in the early months of 2018.

In its whitepaper, the company has clearly elaborated that the funds raised here will be used for the purposes of financing the expansion and development of the mining facilities as well as obtaining holdings in various hydropower companies. Its native token is known as SAM and it is entirely based on the ERC20. This token can be used to make various payments with the Swiss Alps service and mining space.

In addition to that, the token will be tradable outside the main SAM platform on all the relevant exchanges.

TeamThe Team

Swiss Alps is headed by team members drawn from diverse fields such as virtual currency mining, Blockchain technology, as well as specialists and developers of hyperledger applications.



Getting a Cryptocurrency mining platform that lower the mining powers by 50% is not easy, but Swiss Alps has decided to do just that. It has been designed with an amazing power recovery system and with assistance from the Swiss mountains natural climate conditions, this is the best platform.

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June 7, 2018

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