TED CHAIN – P2P Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform

TED CHAIN – P2P Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform

The Tedchain Blockchain is a hybrid ecosystem that is dedicated to gaming. This network will bring together game developers, game providers and maybe online casinos on one hand, and gamers on the other. This situation will, therefore, consist of a P2P system where gamers will have access to original versions of games. Additionally, the Tedchain Blockchain intends to develop its own game version to add to the variety that the game developers and marketers will have provided.

In achieving all the aspirations, there is a Cryptocurrency involved, the TED coin. This digital coin will be the medium of exchange that will allow gamers to buy and play games and developers to earn their due.

Tedchain ICO


Token: TED
Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000 TED
Platform: Ethereum
Type of Token: ERC20 ICO
Accepting: 70+ digital coins, GBP, USD
Min or Max Personal Cap: TBA
Soft Cap: $3,500,000
Hard Cap: $21,500,000
Crowdsale Start Date: 17 July 2018
Crowdsale End Date: 08 October 2018
Pre-Sale Price of the TED token: 1 TED = 0.015 USD
Starting ICO Price: 1 TED = 0.010 USD
Closing ICO Price: 1 TED = 0.065 USD

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The Problem

As it currently stands, there is no single ecosystem where game developers and gamers can interact in peer-to-peer interactions. This has led to an information mismatch where some interesting games have not been able to be embraced by players due to a number of reasons such as advertising, market regulations, etc.

Secondly, the price of games has been inflated partly due to the involvement of brokers and more than two parties. By the elimination of these groups of parties, the P2P platform will be at the forefront for enabling game developers to directly interact with their targeted market segments.

Thirdly, the platform will provide a level ground for all games. This means that other factors, such as country of origin that has been working against some games will be eliminated. The popularity of a game will now depend on the emotions it evokes in a player after the initial experience and subsequent game reviews.

Fourthly, boundaries and jurisdictions have proven to be hindrances to the spread of same games. For instance, some games with Eastern European or even South East Asia have always been largely sidestepped in the favor of games from the USA, Western Europe, the Far East, Russia or Australia. The Tedchain Blockchain will have a global dimension and serve as a platform for all games with an aim whose aim is to have a global outreach.

In this regard, the aspect of removing global barriers will be strengthened by the fact that the TED coin like other Cryptocurrencies solves the problem of currency exchange on the global platform. Holders to these tokens will, therefore, be able to acquire games but also be able to earn interests from price fluctuations.

Tedchain has features that will address all these problems and provide a lasting solution to gamers.

The Tedchain Model

Tedchain Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Make the world more peaceful by gamingThe platform is basically synonymous with the google play store, it contains gaming apps and online versions for games that players can purchase online. To come up with such an elaborate ecosystem, there have to be some frameworks that can guarantee security, decentralization, and ease of access as outlined below:

1. Decentralized Play Store

Borrowing heavily from the conventional play store apps. Tedchain provides a variety of games for gamers to purchase and entertain themselves. However, the blockchain allows the users to interact with developers. This fact not only guarantees quality but also ensures easier game access and a wider variety to select from. Furthermore, the traditional app stores may contain a variety of free and premium games, in this case, premium games tend to be expensive and people may fail to buy them. The peer to peer network eliminates the inconveniences of payment mechanism or even those of low-quality games through the use of TED coins which act as a unit of value. Therefore, the system becomes resilient due to ease of end user-management.

2. The Smart Contract Model

The Tedchain Blockchain has excellent smart contract features that enable the ecosystem operators and game publishers to proffer the best quality of games to players. This is because the enforcement of contracts is easier which allows transparent verification of clients on the Blockchain. Additionally, the terms and conditions stipulated by the game developers can be presented to other parties in clarity under the system of checks and balances. Therefore, this model is the fundamental factor that contributes to efficiency enhancement through the improving of consensus agreement speeds, TED coin mining algorithms, and platform optimization. In summary, the smart contract feature is a critical determinant for outstanding TED peer-to-peer interactions.

3. The Consensus Protocol Model

A consensus protocol is a set of rules and regulations that harmonizes the expectations of peers on the ecosystem as it ensures that transactions are verifiable and acceptable. The Blockchain innovation arm, Tedlab (a development arm of Tedchain) is developing a consensus protocol whose basis will be the proof of authority and proof of stake protocols.

Firstly, the proof of stake protocol is designed to verify the transactions between peers. The protocol then assigns TED coins to the long-term peers as a value indication and also to inspire customer loyalty. Secondly, the proof of authority authenticates the validity of games, clients, and game publishers. On a positive indication, the users are able to carry one with transactions.

4. Voting System

As decentralized and self-governing units, blockchain has been functioning on the assumption that the participants in the ecosystem require have delegated the role of decision making to the management team. This factor has often resulted in unpopular decisions that have been disenfranchising users with devastating consequences. Tedchain is departing from this practice by putting in place a voting mechanism. This right will guarantee that the interests of peers are safeguarded through approval or dismissal of key decisions. To make the model unique, the affected peers will have a larger say in the process to give the process legitimacy. Under this strategy, Tedchain will be a truly decentralized and peer controlled, as should be the case for ideal Blockchains.

5. Privacy and Security Framework

Sharing of private data by firms and individuals is increasingly becoming a security threat as hackers and cyber fraudsters are always on a quest to infiltrate the ecosystem and steal it for various reasons. The aspects of this framework are:


Tedchain guarantees that the transactions, receipts and other information regarding activity on the ecosystem remain only known to the peers from their own end. This guarantees that the information is hidden from the public ledger. To achieve this, the Blockchain uses encryptions that are not only impossible to decode but also difficult to duplicate.


The Tedchain Blockchain assigns crypto wallets to users. The feature contains unique information and a passphrase that serves to deny access to unauthorized users. The process, therefore, ensures that the Tokens, and identity of peers is protected from a breach. To enhance this feature, the blockchain developers have put in place a 24-word mnemonic that is displayed once for the peer to note down and back up the crypto wallet’s access.


Tedchain uses a different kind of cryptography referred to as the ring signature in assigning identities to transactions. This creates ambiguity of records at least in the eyes of individuals with an intention to gain unwanted access to private data. The overall effect of this feature is that of which merging transactions to users becomes impossible.

Tedchain Decentralized Gaming EcosystemThe Tedchain Utility Token

The Tedlab has enabled game publishers to assign a value to basically all in-game assets, which tokenize the following; the various game tournament awards, cross-game exclusives and the transitioning of inventory items to achievements. A utility token is important for the development of the Tedchain ecosystem as it allows various peers to use their tokens in meaningful investment ventures such as creating individual crowd sales, matchmaking, advertising, sharing ideas, etc.

Outstanding Features Of The Tedchain Blockchain

1. Mobile and Tablet-Friendly Interface

Tedchain has been developed while bearing the fact that the bulk of prospective users use smartphones or, to a lesser degree, tablets to access the internet. The blockchain is therefore developed not only for the PC but also for these mobile users. To make this venture to be successful all the way, the ecosystem will contain games that fit the mobile screen without a reduction in performance and visibility quality.

2. Loyalty Programs

Although the tokenization is itself a loyalty program, the Tedchain has nevertheless embarked on a mission of rewarding long-term peers through the allocation of redeemable solutions such as airtime, game samples, merchandise rewards, vouchers, and coupons. The games promotion encourages activity by rewarding game enthusiasts for their commitment while promoting games from publishers and the ecosystem.

3. Subscribed Membership Ecosystem

Subscription not only guarantees excellence in service delivery but also secures the API of users. This feature ensures that phishing scams cannot infiltrate the system due to the rigorous process of registration. Subscription membership gaming platform comes with benefits such as SMS gateway notifications, premium notification billing, and Cryptocurrency billing for services rendered. The essence of subscription is that it leads to rich content availability, increased opportunities for all parties, which culminate in the much-needed user retention.

Tedchain utility token4. Games Portal

The Blockchain contains a wide variety of games to select from. This factor encompasses both free games and premium games that elicit a varying degree of entertainment to game enthusiasts. For instance, the free games act as a mood-setter for players with an intention of ushering in the mind-blowing phenomenon. From another perspective, the free games can be transformed into some premium standards through the addition of features such as rewards, loyalty programs, tournaments etc. The inference to be made is that the portal not only benefits the game enthusiasts but also ensures that game publishers get value for their efforts.

5. Facebook Application

The Tedchain Blockchain has partnered with Facebook to grow the visibility of the ecosystem. This solution comes with the following advantages; integration of social interactions with the blockchain, messaging for games advertising, friends’ invitation to the blockchain, single-sign-on advantages to integrate the ecosystem with Facebook and provide convenience, etc.

6. Tedchain Games Deployment

To add to the variety of games on the ecosystem, Tedchain will act as a game developer and publisher. This feature will not edge out other game publishers but rather create a unique experience for game enthusiasts. It will also be a perfect solution to utilizing tournaments, editorial and survey solutions, loyalty and reward promotions from in-gaming.

Tedchain helps game designers, game developer, and other game creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. Creative projects will come to life with the support of the Tedchain community.

7. Competitive Tournament Features

The feature is reminiscent of online casinos that have been touted to revolutionalize entertainment to unimaginable levels. In this lighting, Tedchain brings the dream of competitive gaming in Blockchains to be a reality. For peers on the same level to partake in tournaments, there is an option of configuration, which is tasked with setting up and managing the engagements. It can either be based on elimination contest or score ranking.

The competitions focused tournament also allows game selection, time setting or even the mode of reward. In doing all these, tokenization ensures that there is value in all transactions including tournaments.

Expected Return on Investment

Tedchain coins are expected to increase in value. This is based on the notion that the tokens will be in high demand on the peak of the project. All these expectations are derived from the fact that the gaming market is expected to grow from the current $115 billion to $127 billion in value with more than half of the business being achieved through a mobile-friendly solution. With the Tedchain features, a conclusion can be mad about the bright future of the Blockchain.

Tedchain header


A gaming Blockchain is more beneficial than the traditional game playstores. Tedchain provides an access to a variety of games from a global perspective. The security of users is guaranteed, the earnings for publishers is assured and all peers earn redeemable TED coins as a reward for transacting in the ecosystem.

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