The Bitcoin Cash-Led Cryptocurrency Rally

The Bitcoin Cash-Led Cryptocurrency Rally

This week, Bitcoin Cash tops the cryptocurrency market rally. It has been able to jump with more than 50% just within one day. As that happens, there is a new Bitcoin Cash wallet that works with the protocol of Cash Accounts. On top of that, the week has witnessed the listing of the first BCH-based token on a crypto exchange.

Bitcoin Cash Gets Back To The Top Five

The impressive cryptocurrency market rally witnessed this week was topped by BCH crypto. The price of this crypto also catapults back to the list of the leading five cryptos. It increased by more than 50% just within a short period of 24 hours. With its retained position in the top five cryptos, the market capitalization of this coin was able to hit more than $5 million.

Things seemed equally well on the other side of Bitcoin Core. The increasing transactions and prices led to a major network congestion on the side of BTC. There has been an increasing number of unconfirmed transactions in the mempool of Bitcoin Core. This steady growth has, however, come with its own share of disadvantages. It has now led to not only slower transfers but also expensive ones.

A New BCH Wallet

The week has been full of activities. Apart from the price skyrocket that has been witnessed all over, there are also other good things that have been happening. New inventions are coming up from all corners of the market. There is a brand new Bitcoin Cash wallet that has been created in the market. It is referred to as the Crescent Cash wallet.

Bitcoin-cash wallet

This new BCH wallet applies the system of Cash Protocol. It does all these just by default. It is also important to note that the new Crescent Cash by Bitcoin Cash is noncustodial. It works just like the rest of the other Bitcoin Cash wallets. There is a special way in which the application works. It supports Cashaddr, which is the standard Bitcoin Cash address format.

More In The Market

Amazon Prime also seems to be doing great things for the entire crypto market. There is a new documentary series that has been officially released on Amazon Prime. It is known as Rizki Presents: Blockchain. Rizki Presents: Blockchain is a six-episode documentary. This is one of the best programs that has ever been released on the market. It tends to focus more on how the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies can transform the current fiat system, although it has six episodes, the first two has been set aside for a special purpose. They have been set aside to mainly feature special highlights of the great Bitcoin Cash crypto.

The First Bitcoin Cash-Based SLP Token

The list of good things that have been happening in the course of the week is still very long. The week has seen the listing of the first SLP token that is based on Bitcoin Cash. It goes by the name Merit, and its token name is LLM. This SLP token was issued by Liberland.

April 8, 2019

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