The Potential of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Business

The Potential of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Business

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology both have the potential to disrupt the way businesses operate, much like the creation of the internet. It is changing how we transact with banks, to customers, friends, colleagues and friends.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and its first transaction in 2009. Fast track to the present age, businesses, and individuals are accepting it as a means of payment. As noted on SBN Online, going forward, the use of Bitcoin and Altcoins will be inevitable and so business owners ought to accumulate as much knowledge as possible about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and figure out how to align their business models to accommodate them.


Preparing Your Business to Incorporate Cryptocurrencies

No matter the use of cryptocurrencies, whether it is for transactions or investment, they are highly volatile. However, how you decide to deal with it depends on your risk appetite. Case in point is the value of Bitcoin, it has had its vicissitudes, so it is important to keep in mind that the cryptocurrencies could be worth nothing in the future or increase in value. You also have to consider your business operations in the administrative aspect, which includes trades tracking, payments, and receipts.

Since the cryptocurrency is largely unregulated, you also have to consider the custody aspect, which is how you store the cryptocurrency securely. There are no bodies in place to offer dispute resolution and matters are made more complicated by the fact that cryptocurrency are intentionally decentralized. You will need a very good understanding or a trusted advisor to take you through the incorporation and any other step along the way


How Cryptocurrencies Can Benefit Businesses

Cryptocurrencies are internationally recognized and Bitcoin as a pioneer us internationally recognized. This means that businesses that accept it as a mode of payment can expand their operations to the international market. Cryptocurrencies also reduce fees associated with payment processing for modes such as credit cards. The transactions are also permanent and if managed properly with strong encryption, they can be secure. As a result, a business can diversify its assets.

Blockchain Technology FOR BUSINESS

Blockchain can be used in any sector, case in point, countries are using blockchain to ease the burden on real estate sales, and title transfer, by reducing the paperwork as well is making it more difficult to forge records.

Car manufacturers are using blockchain technology to streamline the management of their supply chains, reducing human error, additional human resource, and waste. You can find blockchain technology in banks, accounting, healthcare and many more. Do your research and figure out how you can integrate blockchain technology into your business.


Blockchain Security Considerations

The blockchain networks have auditable operating environments and have comprehensive data logs that can be tested for compliance.

This provides security through verified accounts, smart contracts, on the shared ledger and all members can view every record. Blockchain technology creates efficiency since the information is updated continuously and brokers are eliminated from the transaction process. In all, cryptocurrency and blockchain hold the potential to transform a business. If grasping the concepts s too much, get a trusted advisor to make your business ready when the opportunity arise.

May 29, 2018

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