The Rally In The Crypto Market Continues

The Rally In The Crypto Market Continues

The crypto market rally has continued in the third day in a row. Bitcoin Core appear to be one of the great beneficiaries of this rally. The tech market has also bounced back with a big force. As of today, Bitcoin is now trading above $4,900. This is happening for the first time since the year began.

Following a rally that was witnessed last night, Bitcoin is still holding its gains. However, it is not only the leading crypto that has had some improvement over a couple of days. Other top crypto coins in the market have also recorded solid improvements as well.

Good Tidings For Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin is currently trading at a price that is in the region of $4,904. It has managed to hold the ground since it broke past the $4,500 price market about one day ago. It is the first time in 2019 that this leading cryptocurrency has been able to attain that high price. Just on the day alone, Bitcoin has been able to gain 17.66%. This has greatly improved its weekly gains that now stands at over 22%.

Market analysts have also been observing this new trend with great expectation. According to Brian Kelly, the next target for BTC is going to be $6,000. Brian Kelly is a crypto bull. Kelly has also noted that the crypto market is slowly finding its bottom in the wake of new price rally.

Market Also Good For Ripple And Ethereum

As noted earlier, the price has been witnessed all across the crypto market. Therefore, both Ethereum and Ripple are also not left behind. Ethereum, which is the second largest crypto has recorded huge daily gains. In fact, it has improved by more than 16% just within a day. At the moment, ETH is now trading at $164.76. During the day, its highest price point stood mostly at $163.63.


Ripple, on the other hand, is also not left behind. Over the past 24 hours, this third largest coin has been up by close to 13%. It is currently trading at $0.3523. even though it slightly dipped in the course of the day, it has nonetheless gained its strength and is up once again. For the first time, an XRP-based exchange traded product was listed on SIX. SIX is one of the principal stock exchanges operating in Switzerland.

Technology Stocks Back At It Again

All the technology stocks have also returned to close to record levels. This is based on an article by Bloomberg. The sector of communications services has witnessed a great rebound in the past couple of months. The affected parties include Facebook Inc., Netflix Inc., as well as Alphabet Inc., which is Google-parent.

Since the infamous December bottom, the market has witnessed a 23% upturn over the couple of months. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has also reportedly slumped. This, according to CNBC, has occurred for the first time in a total of four seasons. The thirty-stock Dow closed 79.29 points lower at 26,179.13. this is great news.

April 3, 2019

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