The Soaring Volumes Of Bitcoin Cash Futures

The Soaring Volumes Of Bitcoin Cash Futures

There has been a lot of attention that is focused on Bitcoin Cash over the last few weeks. Bitcoin Cash has been doubling in value day by day. In addition to that, there is Bitcoin Cash -based futures worth $10 million that has found its way to the Crypto Facilities each month.

In March alone, Crypto Facilities recorded close to $50 million worth of Bitcoin Cash contracts. From that time, Huobi, a popular crypto exchange has also added Bitcoin Cash future contracts to its platform. Traders are now able to take both short and long positions through the Huobi Derivative Market.

BCH Futures Contracts Added To The Huobi’s Derivative Market

In the recent past, interest in the derivative products of Bitcoin Cash has seriously spiked. As a result of that, the prices of Bitcoin Cash spot has also been on a serious tear.

On the 11th of April 2019, Huobi exchange to add Bitcoin Cash to its main derivative listings. Since its launch in the fourth quarter of 2018, Huobi DM has done tremendously well. It has been providing bi-weekly, quarterly crypto-based futures contracts. In the past, Huobi only provided derivatives contracts for the Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, as well as Ripple. Bitcoin Cash is a new entrant and is expected to the change the whole market scope.

The Introduction Of Smart Money

Over the last few months, the futures market of Bitcoin Cash has been on a serious growth. Crypto Facilities has also been swapping close to $10 million worth of Bitcoin Cash contracts in a single month. Crypto Facilities was created from one of the leading crypto exchanges, Kraken exchange.


Just in the first week of April, Sui Chung, who is the executive of Crypto Facilities stated that the month of March 2019 recorded close to $50 million. At the beginning of the week, Jason Fernendes, the co-founder of the Affiliate Economy project had an interview on, a blockchain broadcast network. While at the interview, the crypto expert explained why he feels it is vital to look at the futures market and identify the direction smart money is taking.

There Is A Recent Surge In The Futures Market

Over the past few years, retail investors have usually been some sort of wild carts. At times, they do not rationally behave and it becomes a hype-driven cycle. Fernendes explained that at times, the institutional investors have a laid strategy and are also disciplined. A keen look at the futures market will reveal a recent surge from some of the leading cryptos. These cryptos include Litecoin, and Bitcoin, which many had expected.

Bitcoin Cash Markets Enticing Exchanges

Bitcoin Cash markets, in the last 12 months have enticed a number of crypto exchanges into providing the Bitcoin Cash derivatives. At the moment, the traders now have the ability to swap both short and long positions on Huobi, Coinflex, Crypto Facilities, as well as Bitmex. On the later, the new Bitcoin Cash derivative enable the users to speculate on the value of Bitcoin Cash future with Bitcoin Core.

April 15, 2019

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