Tribeos Ad Platform To Run On Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Tribeos Ad Platform To Run On Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Tribeos, a new advertising platform that will be launched in the third quarter of this year will use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. According to the project’s chief executive officer Matt Gallant, the platform will offer a “ton of commerce” to BCH. The company is optimistic that the technology will help it provide transparency of transactions and eliminate ad fraud.

Tribeos is entering an industry that is dominated by Google Adwords but is optimistic that the benefits it will provide to advertisers, publishers, and everyone in the industry will help propel its growth.

Tribeos To Provide Efficiency In The Advertising System

Matt Gallant founded Tribeos in Bermuda in 2017. The company will use BCH blockchain and thereby manage to provide an efficient advertising system. The startup is optimistic that the technology will enable it to compete with more established products in the market such as Google Adwords. The Tribeos team, led by Matt Gallant and Jonald Fyookball as founder and advisor respectively are big fans of BCH blockchain.


According to Gallant, the use of blockchain will help to introduce the much-needed transparency in the advertising platform. The senior executive noted that platforms such as Facebook and Google among others operate in an opaque system. This creates room for fraud cases worth between $19 billion and $100 billion according to the startup’s founder.

Gallant says that they want to create a successful network that will help in eliminating fraudulent activities in the online advertising sector. He is optimistic that this strategy will help them penetrate this market, which is dominated by a few monopolies. He added that BCH will enjoy various benefits in the process.

BCH To Be Crucial In The Project

According to Fyookball, all payments between advertisers and publishers will be performed on chain on Tribeos. He also added that the platform will offer a competitive fee of 10-12 percent, which is much lower than that offered on other platforms such as Google Adwords which take between 30 and 50 percent.

According to Fyookball, Tribeos will be powered by the BCH blockchain. He added that although they may accept payments in fiat currencies such as the US dollars, the platform will always use BCH behind the scenes. This means BCH will be used even in circumstances that the users don’t know. Fyookball is a member of the Tribeos engineering team. He is also the founder of Electron Cash where he also works as a developer.

Tribeos To Work Everywhere

Tribeos will come with various additional features that will help eliminate challenges prevalent in most ad platforms today. The new platform will develop a suite of software tools that work like Adshield and prevent the use of bots in clicking ads. According to Gallant, they are also working on another thing called atomic traceability that will introduce behavior traceability. The new tool will trace the movement of the browser, mouse, and everything else.

The Tribeos software suit has another part called Gold Lantern. This feature will be crucial in providing bulletproof analytics and tracking. Combined with the use of BCH blockchain, the new ad platform is expected to unmatched transparency. Tribeos is currently onboarding advertisers before the project’s launch in Q3.

March 5, 2019

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