Tube8 To Reward Users With Vit Token

Tube8 To Reward Users With Vit Token

Tube8 has announced that it will be moving its entire platform to the Blockchain network. It will also be rewarding its user with the crypto token VIT. Tube8 is a subsidiary of Pornhub, among the most popular adult website on the internet.

Entry Of Adult Content Based Companies Into The Crypto Space

This development comes after Tube8 announced that it will be partnering with Vice Industry Token (VIT). This partnership is to help the platform to not only move to the Blockchain network but to also tokenize the platform. According to the newly structured user engagement model, users will be able to earn VIT tokens whenever they stream the content or just generally engage with the platform.

Tube8 has stated that they will be implementing these plans by the end of the year, and if they do indeed get implemented in the stated time they would make Tube8 the first adult streaming platform to reward its users with digital tokens. The site currently boasts of 150 million in traffic every month and over 10 million in users.

Robin Turner, who is the spokesperson for Tube8, has explained the partnership saying that for the longest time the industry’s participants have been looking for a way that they could be rewarded for engaging with adult content, a dream that the partnership will now be able to fulfill. He added that the addition of VIT to their platform will completely change the way people interact with adult content.

He continued by saying that different to how other platforms operate, requiring payment for a user to consume the adult content, Tube8 are offering these services completely free while at the same time rewarding its users meaning the more they interact with the content, the more money they stand to make.

Other Platforms Tokenizing

Even though by successfully tokenizing their platform Tube8 will be the first adult site to reward its users for interacting with its content with cryptocurrency, they are not the first adult content platform to get into the crypto space. Earlier this year, there was an announcement that Pornhub, an adult content sharing platform was partnering with Verge(XVG).

This partnership would allow Pornhub’s users to acquire premium services from the platform a well as services from other associated platforms like the Brazzers, and Nutaku with the digital token. Two months after the announcement was made, the platform added Zencash and TRON as additional payment options.

Partnership Gone Bad

playboyAnother adult content platform that was looking to integrate crypto into their platform was Playboy. Playboy announced its plans for tokenizing its platform properties and contracted the Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT).

GBT was to be in charge of integrating VIT into the platform as both a means of payment for the services offered on the platform as well as for rewarding users who interacted with the platform. The partnership also included the agreement that GBT would not only offer free technical support to the company but will also pay $4 million for using the brans in its promotional materials.

This partnership, however, seems to have soured in the recent months going by the lawsuit that was filed by Playboy against GBT accusing them of fraud as well as being in breach of the agreed contract.

August 20, 2018

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