Turkish University launches Blockchain Center At Northeastern University

Turkish University launches Blockchain Center At Northeastern University

The Daily Sabah has reported that BAU (Bahçeşehir University), based in Turkey, has launched a Blockchain center at NEU (Northeastern University), based in Boston. This news comes after the University established a university-based Blockchain center, BlockchainIST, the first in the country.

BAU Collaborates With NEU In Blockchain Project

This new Blockchain laboratory will enable Turkey offer information support to NEU with regards to Blockchain technology and in this way substitute technology imports with exports. Through this project, BAU will be able to apply for funding from the EU (European Union), the US as well as Turkey. This partnership will not only boost the country’s competitive power within the Blockchain space, it will also attract people interested in Blockchain technology to Turkey.

Enver Yücel, the chair of the university’s board of trustees, stated that the university was proud to be collaborating with the Northeastern University. He stated that with the global management of science emerges good synergy. Having seen this in American universities which have labs across the globe, Yücel insisted that Turkey must achieve the same. He also pointed out that there was no university in the world that could execute everything perfectly, adding that this advised the decision to enter into a part of the world that was most dormnan in a particular field.

The board chairman thanked İsmail Gülle, the chairman of the Turkish Exporter’s Assembly (TIM), for collaborating with the university and said that the institution will be looking forward to further collaboration. He stated that the master and doctorate programs will be started with the cooperation of TIM adding that it was important for the industry to include the work the university is doing. He reiterated that it is important for the industry to understand what the university is doing just as much as it is important for the university to understand what the industry is doing.


Blockchain Technology To Boost Cooperation Across All Industries

Tomasso Melodia, a professor at NEU said that the coming together of both universities created a great team. He added that the university has a strong belief in cooperation, and is aimed at enabling the consumption of less energy by the internet as well as facilitating wireless communication.

Melodia pointed out that with a funding of $50 million, the NorthEastern university has been a national leader and is looking to open the way for more partnerships and collaborations.

The director of BlockchainIST, Bora Erdamar, said that through Blockchain technology, the privacy of people’s information in every sector will be ensured. He added that with the increased trust, cooperation will be easier as each party focuses on their areas of expertise.

Blockchain And The Education sector

Bloockchain technology has been increasingly gaining ground within the education sector. Yonsei University and Pohang University of Science and Technology, both based in South Korea, announced they will be collaborating in the development of an entire Blockchain campus that will also have its own Crypto. This initiative is primarily aimed at promoting Crypto adoption for daily usage.

May 9, 2019

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