United States Filled With Dozens Of Cryptocurrency-Related Trademarks This Year

United States Filled With Dozens Of Cryptocurrency-Related Trademarks This Year

The overall interest of the virtual coins is not what was witnessed in the past two years. It can’t even compare to what was recorded during the 2017 all-time high season. Some of the best companies in this space have been forced to do nothing but just rethink their strategies. For a long time, entrepreneurship in the digital asset world has been characterized by two main factors – optimism and ingenuity. However, the entrepreneurship has remained very strong in the market. This has been illustrated by the fact that a number of individuals and businesses in the country have filed for cryptocurrency-related trademarks. The new applications for crypto-related trademarks and patents has been the trend this year.

Large Companies Fascinated By The Virtual Currency Again

There was a time that established companies were fighting to apply for crypto-related trademarks and patents. One might have been tempted to think that such a time was long gone. However, as December was coming to a close, things started changing. It all began by Samsung, the South Korean electronic manufacturing guru. It opted to register the Samsung Crypto Wallet, a trademark in the United Kingdom. This trademark offered credibility to the previous rumors concerning the expected digital currency wallet integration to the yet-to-be released flagship smartphone.

Nike And Other Large Companies Are In Line, Too

Just recently, Nike, the sportswear and footwear manufacturer filed for another trademark. It was known as Cryptokicks. The application was submitted to the USPTO – The US Patent and Trademark Office on the 19th of April. It tends to cover several services and products that are related to the virtual coin. Some of the listed items refer to a marketplace for sellers and buyers of digital currency assets. It also refers to an online retail store that features clothing and footwear.


More In The List

There are also other established firms that have filled for the crypto-related trademarks and patents. The list contains some of the internationally-recognized names. Key among them are Walmart, Amazon, and MasterCard. In most cases, the services and products mentioned in the filings are yet to be created and introduced to the industry. At the same time, a number of entrepreneurs and small businesses who file for crypto-related products depend on them to build their businesses. To make it clear, they do not do it just for the sake.

Crypto Services To Be Offered Under New Trademarks

The growing number of crypto-related trademarks in the last couple of months has been on the rise. This is despite the effects of the forever-present crypto winter. It is one of the positive signs that can be seen in the industry. however, there are some entries registered with the body in charge that might even cause laughter. There are such names as Crypto for Idiots, Crypto Vodka, or even In Crypto We Trust. There is even a new coin that goes by the name, “Middle Finger Money”. Other names represent services and products that can full competition in the market. Apart from that, they can offer more use cases for the virtual coins.

April 30, 2019

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