Users Of Crescent Cash Can Now Send BCH Through Text Message

Users Of Crescent Cash Can Now Send BCH Through Text Message

On 15th of May 2019, Crescent Cash introduced a new feature that will enable its users carry out a number of activities. Crescent Cash is an open source and Bitcoin Cash-based Android wallet. The new feature will enable the users to send the coins through a text message. The text message sending service that has been added to the wallet is as a result of the recently upgraded open source API that was launched by Cointext, a cryptocurrency startup.

Supporting The Cointext API

Users of the Crescent Cash are now allowed to send BCH to mobile numbers even if the recipients don’t own a Bitcoin Cash wallet. This new service was introduced in the first week of April. According to a report by, Pokkst, a pseudonymous developer got frustrated with the current scaling direction of the Bitcoin Cash network. The programmer was then forced to port all the Bitcoin projects over the network. The Crescent light client has been made available only to the Android users. This is the third wallet that has ever introduced the Cash accounts addresses. Essentially, this is a system that gives the users an opportunity to remit payments to human-readable address as opposed to the use of a long alphanumeric string.

Pokkst Working Extra Hard

Just a fewweeks later, Pokkst introduced yet another very important ledger system named the Simple Ledger Protocol support system. It basically offers support to the Cresecent client and the Bitcoin Cash fans can now keep the SLP-based tokens in the wallets. All these have been introduced by the open API that had earlier been introduced by the Cointext. With the new Crescent wallet, the users can now send Bitcoin Cash tokens via a text message. Thereafter, the funds will be immediately made available to be spent again via the new Cointext mobile platform.

Bitcoin Cash Just Works The Same Way Bitcoin Core Used To

According to Pokkst, the new Bitcoin Cash protocol operates just the same way Bitcoin Core used to operate. He also remains the users that Bitcoin was initially intended to provide peer-to-peer cash operations. All these should be done in a permissionless way. The programmer has also stated that the high fees of Bitcoin Core network and the unreliable operation times become infeasible for a better medium of exchange. In addition to that, the engineer of pseudonymous feels that the Lightning Network scaling solution is far much complex for the day-to-day users.


Great News To The Entire Bitcoin Cash Network

During the announcement, Pokkst stated that the Lightning Network of Bitcoin Core is too complicated for an ordinary use. He feels that Bitcoin can only succeed if it has a simple and amazing user experience, which is not the case here. The whole Bitcoin Cash community is happy to learn about the introduction of a new wallet that provides the Cointext abilities. Jonald Fyookball, the Electron Cash developer has showed a great interest in introducing the concept to the Electronic Cash light client.

May 17, 2019

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