VIVA – A Better Way To Buy A Home

VIVA – A Better Way To Buy A Home

VIVA is a project that is expected to revolutionize the mortgage industry by using blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies to introduce large-scale mortgage financing.

VIVA crowdlendingToken

Token symbol: VIVA
Price per token: $0.01
Technology: ERC20 Ethereum
Stage 1 Early Contribution: 30 days
Round 1: 40% Bonus
Round 2: 35% Bonus
Round 3 (Pre-sale): 30% Bonus
Hard cap: 6,870 ETH
Stage 2 Main Contribution: 60 days
Round 1: 25% Bonus
Round 2: 15% Bonus
Round 3: 15% Bonus
Hard cap: 68,770 ETH
Total tokens available: 4,000,000,000

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The Current Mortgage Market

When it comes to buying a home, the interest rate is an important determinant of the cost. Different places charge different interest rates even on the same properties. Many people in places with high-interest rates are unable to own houses because of the high cost.

VIVAWhy VIVA Is Important

• Viva is a project that will enable homebuyers to access low-cost loans for their mortgages. The project will help in addressing the disparity of interest rates in different markets.

• The project will allow investors to earn real investment returns in similar ways to those used by the traditional banks.

• The investors will earn real interests, unlike in the traditional banking where they earn little interest on their savings.

• The project will eliminate the middlemen in the mortgage industry by allowing investors and buyers to meet.

VIVA’s Three Important Components

The Viva network will heavily rely on decentralized technology to revolutionize the current mortgage process. The three main areas that the network will work on include:

1. Mortgage financing

Residential home buyers will use the network to get residential property loan. The project will use smart contract-powered crowdfunding system to allow the borrowers to access the free market. The system will allow investors to act as crowd lenders regardless of their geographical location. They will earn the interests previously enjoyed by the traditional banks. Investors in the Fractionalized Mortgage Shares can trade their investments at “Viva FMS Exchange.”

2. Residential property valuations

Viva will use the innovative Real Value 2.0 Application (“RV2”) technology in the home valuation process. The unbiased valuation will use the current market data.

3. Credit Scoring

The users will have to build their Viva credit profile using the “V-Score” application. The users will be able to enhance their profile irrespective of their home countries.


How VIVA Will Work

Step 1

A homebuyer identifies the house he/she wants to buy.

Step 2

As an alternative financing option, the homebuyer who is registered on Viva Network uses it to crowdfund the mortgage. The network allows the homebuyer to access investors from different parts of the world.

Step 3

The investors contribute money for the project by contributing to Viva network in Cryptocurrencies. The system then sends the money to the homebuyer in fiat currencies.

Step 4

After purchasing the house, the homebuyer starts submitting monthly mortgage payment to Vivan network. The homebuyer sends fiat currency while the network distributes it to the investors.

VIVA On Social Media

Those wishing to take part in the token sale must visit the company’s website. However, you can learn more about the company by joining their Telegram group or following them on Twitter. The company is active on social media and responds to any questions asked. Moreover, it uses the platform to communicate important information about their products. Social media has enabled the company to reach more people.

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June 14, 2018

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