WageCan Review

WageCan Review

Although more people are getting into the Crypto sector every day, there are not as many options when it comes to spending the coins as with fiat currencies. However, WageCan has emerged to solve this problem. The debit card is enabling Cryptocurrency miners, international workers, merchants, freelancers, and anyone else to spend their fiat currencies and Cryptocurrencies in an easy way.

WageCan, the Taiwanese company behind this project has been operational since 2014. Apart from this project, the firm also provides blockchain-based payment platform. A team with a strong technological background leads the project. Franky Hu, who is the company’s CEO and founder is a software engineer by profession and has been in the Crypto sector since 2013.


Unlike most of its rivals, WageCan has no monthly maintenance fee. The conversion from foreign to local currencies costs only 1.5 percent. To use the card is cheap as it charges a withdrawal fee of 1 percent is among the lowest in the market.

The card supports USD, EUR, and GBP. These fiat currencies are accepted worldwide making the card appealing to many people. The card also supports most of the largest Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, XRP, Ether, Bitcoin and more enabling it to cover almost the entire Crypto community.

Features of WageCan Debit Card

It is possible to buy multiple WageCan debit cards. Furthermore, the card supports various currencies. You can also choose if you want a physical or virtual card. The latter is ideal if you just want to use the card online.

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Since the card is accepted in millions of ATMs in over 200 countries, the card makes it easy for users to travel. You can use the card wherever you see a MasterCard symbol.

It’s easy to top up the card through Cryptocurrencies. You can send the coins to your card from mobile apps and websites.

The application process is easy and straightforward. The card is available in different countries and provides e-residency.


WageCan recognizes no national boundaries. You can use wherever you are as long as MasterCard is accepted. The users can withdraw funds from about 30 million ATMs worldwide.

• The card is available in the most popular currencies namely USD, EUR, and GBP making it easy for Cryptocurrency holders to spend their coins.

• The strong technological background of the founders of this project is an indicator that they have tried to integrate the best of technology.

• The company has a bonus program where those who refer others are rewarded.



• Although a withdrawal charge of 1 percent per transaction is low, it could cost even more in regions where there are low withdrawal limits of say $20. To withdraw high amounts in such regions, the users would have to part with the 1 percent fee per withdrawal which could make the process expensive.

Final Thought

WageCan functions like most of the other Cryptocurrency debit cards and has become popular globally. After ordering your physical or virtual card, you can load it with Bitcoin, Ether, or any other virtual currency. To get the card, you must abide by KYC regulations, which means you must be ready to provide documents such as utility bill and driver’s license or your passport. You only need to meet these requirements to enjoy using your coins worldwide.


December 23, 2018

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