WORLDOPOLY – The World’s First Mobile Game Combining AR, AI, Blockchain And DAG

WORLDOPOLY – The World’s First Mobile Game Combining AR, AI, Blockchain And DAG

Worldopoly is a project promising to bring major changes in the mobile gaming sector by allowing the players to earn while enjoying the games on their phones.



WPT Token
Symbol: WPT
Token Standard: ERC20
Private Sale (26 Feb – 22 Apr): 30,000,000 tokens
Presale (23 April – 22 May): 20,000,000 tokens
Main Sale (25 May – 21 Jun): 100,000,000 tokens
Hard Cap: USD 18 million
Accepted currencies: BTC, USD, EUR, and ETH

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The Current Game Market

Mobile games take 40 percent of the current gaming industry and is said to be the most profitable. Mobile games are also the most popular mobile apps. At Google Play Store, the games account for 90 percent of all the apps while at Apple‘s iOS App Store they take a whopping 75 percent.

In 2017, the mobile app market recorded revenues of over $46 billion, which is 42 percent of the market share. Asia controls 47 percent of the market making it the largest one in the world. North America comes second with 25 percent of the market. Europe and Africa also have the same share. By 2020, the global gaming market is expected to hit $128.5 billion, with mobile games controlling 50 percent of the market.


Blockchain/DAG Technology In The Mobile Gaming Industry

Although Blockchain/DAG technologies have been around for several years, their use began a few years ago. The emergence of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has helped in enhancing the use of these important innovations. The gaming industry still lags behind other industries in the use of this technology.

Advantages Of Using Blockchain Technology In The Gaming Industry

• It enhances security in the system.
• It is characterized by peer-to-peer transactions that facilitate digital economies.
• The development of Cryptocurrencies is only possible when using the technology.
• The decentralized networks enhance the speed and user experience in mobile gaming.

The competitiveness of the mobile gaming industry makes it a challenge for many game developers to stand out. Large companies can develop multiple games and easily promote them to a larger audience, something that small developers cannot achieve.

Worldopoly has the following features that give it a unique advantage:
• The company is operating in AR, an area that Apple and Google are promoting.
• The company is among the earliest users of integrating Blockchain/DAG with mobile games.
• The company provides its customers with an interesting gaming experience.


WPT Business Model

Worldopoly integrates multiplayer strategy gaming with the aim of making money. The game will introduce another 150 extra features in the next three years to enhance the game world and gaming experience. Gamers will be earning money when playing the games. A player will be rewarded in WPT tokens and will have the option of exchanging them with fiat currency.

Deriving WPT Token Price

There are many gamers who want to buy WPT game currency. The currency will only be bought on Worldpoly website or an internal game system. The price of WPT token will be derived using the following formula:

WPT price = Demand at a given time / Number of WPT tokens available for sale.

Worldpoly And Social Media

Worldopoly has a strong social media presence in platforms such as the Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. The company engages the public on such platforms, providing important details about the project. Moreover, social media allows the public to ask important questions they have about the company and the entire project.

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June 20, 2018

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