Zantepay is a project that is expected to revolutionize the crypto exchanges industry by providing smooth exchange between Cryptocurrencies and conventional assets.


Symbol: ZNX
ICO date: July 15
ICO Part I Price: EUR 0.10
ICO Part II Price: EUR 0.14
ICO Part III Price: EUR 0.25
Type: ERC20
Tokens available: 2,000,000,000

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Zantepay Distribution Structure

The Crypto Exchanges Today

The popularity of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies is growing every day. However, one of the greatest challenges that most people are facing is integrating the virtual currency and the traditional currencies worlds. Zantepay is promising to address this challenge and enhance the use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Investors in the crypto sector have to interact with various counterparties such as the banks, payment networks, and financial services to manage their investments. One of the greatest challenges with these networks is that they have little or no understanding of digital currencies. Most of the crypto investors end up with challenges like frustration, account freezing, huge losses, and other inefficiencies. Many users and businesses are now trying to find ways to integrate Blockchain into the existing infrastructure to enhance the transfer of funds between the various platforms.

Zantepay will give users the capacity to spend, save, and transact Cryptocurrencies. Zantepay is also expected to enable the users to efficiently trade using BTC, ETH, LTC, and ZNX and the other Cryptocurrencies that will be introduced with time, and fiat currencies. The use of a prepaid card will allow the users to access Cryptocurrencies.

About Zantepay And Why You Should Invest With Them

ZANTEPAY was started in 2017 in Estonia with the aim of becoming among the fastest growing digital currency service provider in the world. The company plans to provide various services for the virtual currency industry, which will include a multi-currency wallet linked to a debit card, and payment services.

The company is now raising funds that will be used to actualize its dream. The money will also be used to get the necessary licenses in Europe and financing a marketing campaign aimed at popularizing the company’s products and ecosystem among the users.

Zantepay walletThe debit card will have the following limits:

Maximum withdrawal per day: 300 EUR
Maximum withdrawal per month: 5000 EUR
Maximum purchase per day: 1000 EUR
Maximum purchase per month: 10,000 EUR

The system will have the following features on its website to enhance the security of its users:

An alert in case of a new IP address login.
Email verification when registering.
Email confirmation when making withdrawals.

Zantepay Marketing Strategy

Zanteapay project is determined to attract with as many people to the system as possible. The company will be providing the free prepaid card. The company will also use bounty and a referral program to win more customers. Other methods that will be used include affiliate and cashback. The company is hopeful that if these techniques are used correctly, it will reach one million users by the end of 2019.

Zantepay is on Twitter and Telegram where it interacts with the public. The company uses the social media platform to communicate important details about the project. The social media is a great marketing tool as it has allowed the company to reach more people. Those who have questions about the project can use the platform to engage with the company.

Zantepay Cryptocard


Given the increasing popularity of Cryptocurrencies, Zantepay is one of the best projects to invest in as it is expected to play a critical role in the crypto sector. It is a project that is expected to enjoy tremendous growth as it promises to enhance the crypto industry.

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June 28, 2018

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